Thursday, September 05, 2013

Not all 'Vic's' lead to riches, Not all Chinese is for DAP

The recent spat between a couple, one who claims to have superior Gweilo 'genes' and his girlfriend whom he claims to have wanted an offspring that carried 'alpha gweilo' genomes have gotten most people discussing it.

I suppose that's where the difference lie between Abramovic and Ahbabovic. The former is of course the multi-billionaire Ogliarch of Chelsea fame, whereas the latter made headlines in Malaysia recently for suing his former girlfriend for 'abusing his sperm' by purportedly singling him out and producing an offspring of 'superior genome', at least that is what is claimed by him. She paints a different picture altogether, and as all things, time will tell who has been using who.

The similarity can also be applied to the Chinese community, for they have been courted over and over again by the 'Ini Kalilah' cries of the Hornbilled mascot, Chinese dominated 'multi-racial' party called Democratic Action Party.

Although, there was nothing democratic about appointing a losing candidate to its Central Executive Committee, and only until recently efforts to correct it, the DAP is often seen by the majority of the Chinese community as their knight in shining armour.

This can only be attributed to the community's narrow view that opposition to the government is the one and only way to provide a semblance of balance.

In previous general elections, there was always a push and pull within the community to both provide their votes to MCA, an integral part of Barican Nasional and DAP, which the community sees as a balancing factor in keeping the government in control.

Yet, despite all the headway made in the economic sector, the Chinese community sees the opportunity to change political masters as the best possible chance in Malaysia in the recent election.

Can the community be faulted for doing so?

Right now, most in the business community are looking over their shoulders wandering if they made the right choice. It seems, there are even some who claims that their 'contracts' have been terminated, a sort of witch hunt, as retaliation for the recent losses suffered by candidates who were running on the Barisan Nasional ticket. A case of fright of one's own shadow, perhaps.

One such person famously uttered that he now know that the non-bumis (refererring to the Chinese maybe?) in his area had collusively voted against him despite receiving all the aid they could get when he was the Chief Minister. Its easy to point to the voters, but did he look at his efforts and see that he could have made an error in his management whilst in office?

I often get asked what is it that the Chinese community want. The answer is no different, really. They want good education for their children, good business environment to flourish their business, and importantly they want justice when required. But the fault of the Chinese community is also to court with means that are 'out of the ordinary'. The intensive lobbying, the 'Ali Baba'ship is one may call it that way.

Right now, all these actions are now coming back to haunt the community.

In placing 85% of their eggs in DAP's basket, the majority of them have basically fingered the government and shown that their right to vote is not one that will go to Barisan despite the stability and development that it promised. In short, the superior experience of administering progress does not guarantee that a Government gets to stay in power. If anything, the Chinese community has decided that the DAP will be the second most supported political party in what is generally a Two party system in Malaysian politics.

But how does this translate to a better Malaysia? More so, if the Chinese community is bent on keeping all things close to them - Chinese?

Take for example, Education. If its the language that the Chinese educators are fond of protecting, why the different Chinese stream? Could it be that the Chinese streaming itself is a form of business monopoly? Who prints the books? Who distributes them? More importantly with the monopoly comes power, and hence that is why Dong Zong is opposing any new education blueprint even before the launch.

That is not all is it? The various chambers of commerce and associations that are faction-ally aligned are also positioning themselves as the who's who for these political parties to turn to now that there is an evolution of the political landscape. A changing of the guard, if you may.

Yet, there are those who are quite happy to play 'gatekeeper', marshaling the Chinese by 'guiding' their support and right now, all bets are on the second most supported party to keep this support.

Question is, with this support, what is DAP going to do with it? Does it continue to play the instigator, or is it time they realise and act responsibly to keep the Chinese community in line to move Malaysia ahead.

In all likelihood DAP will continue to keep the community divided to ensure that its support is not marginalised to a point that it will see its fan base deteriorate.

Chances are DAP will play what Abbabovic is fond of, keeping the limelight and playing the victim, over and over again.


Anonymous said...

Hello there, what is "Ali Baba" ship means? Your article is interesting!

Anonymous said...

Not all Chinese are for DAP. Fact.

Not all Malays are for UMNO. Fact

Not all rakyat are for BN. Fact.

It's the same everywhere. I see it.