Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hitler to be accorded state funeral

That would be shocking indeed.

Hypothetically, if Adolf Hitler lived to a ripe old age and died in exile after a peace treaty with the Allied Forces and 'ultimately' forgiven by certain Political leaders, and the ruling government under Angela Merkel succumbed to public pressure to honour Adolf for 'fighting for Germany' - then Germany would have done a great injustice to those persecuted in the war.

Hypothetically, that would be a good example of what events today are perceived in relation to the death of exiled Malayan Communist Party (CPM) leader Chin Peng.

There are already discussions going on if Chin Peng was still a citizen of Malaysia. For those ignorant of this issue, they should really try to find out logically (as opposed to historical evidence, as many has claimed that Malaysia's history has been altered to suit certain parties) if indeed he was a citizen.

Evidence and events will show that Chin Peng was a believer in how Communism is the way forward and his belief was so strong that he continued an armed struggle against the British and then Armed forces of Malaysia.

And when given the chance to a peace accord in Baling, he had declined the offer by the then would be Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman, by insisting that the CPM be accorded a full political party status in order for t hem to pursue their political ambitions. At the same time, David Marshall representing the British Government and Tunku made it clear that the peace accord was held to find a solution to end the bloody struggle of the CPM and to set the tone of how Malaya would achieve it's independence.

In 'Tunku Abdul Rahman and his role in the Baling Amnesty Talks' the turn of events during the talks pointed clearly to Chin Peng's insistence on 'man's dignity' rather than the fight for an independent Malaya.

The fact when asked by David Marshall what cause ChinPeng was fighting for and his then reply clearly showed a side of Chin Peng which could be interpreted either way is to me intriguing.

Intriguing because to those who have formed opinions, this is a face of Chin Peng that many light have missed. After all, his insistence on why Tunku had to have David Mashall representing the British, and party to the talks meant that Tunku was merely a 'puppet' of the British.

Could it be that Chin Peng was actually a Chinese supremacist that many have missed?

Tan Sri Yuen Yuet Ling had said that he was willing to forgive Chin Peng, but even with this, the will to forget is not something that can be done by a simple statement. Multiply that with the thousands that were killed by the CPM and one might then know the real implications of such actions that those clamouring for a call to have Chin Peng's remains be brought back to Malaysia for a proper burial.

I may not have been around during the Emergency, but having seen pictures of dead communist and how an uncle and his family was killed by the CPM for not supplying them food, is enough to tell me that those were indeed bloody times.

Whatever the reasons maybe, we should let a sleeping dog lie, for if we continue to ignore history for the sake of gaining popularity, then this forsaken wish will only plant 'deformed' seeds of thoughts into our young, that will simmer and grow into voices and thoughts of anti-establishment hate that possibly started the Communist struggle pre-independence.

My thoughts go out to a family who lost their father who lived to a ripe old age, and too, do my thoughts go out to the thousands who saw theirs brought to a pre-mature end by the Communist Terrorists.

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Tolong la. Ada banyak lagi isu penting dari nak bawa abu balik malaysia yang berdaulat ni.