Sunday, March 24, 2013

Shifting Sands - Global Witness targets Singapore, Not Taib

All of a sudden, the 'International Champion voice for the marginalised' have emerged to be the champion graftbuster in Sarawak.

It matters not that Global Witness and Sarawak Report are suburban mates whose domains are symetrically hosted by the same servers, what it does matter is that it appears to have made a chink in the armour of Sarawaks head of state.

According to, APPEARS - give a certain impression or have a certain outlook aspect.

And that's just what it is. By roping in two cousins of Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud, the video APPEARS to have the credibility it craves. In addition, by hoodwinking a lawyer (Lawyers are often known for their ability to speak, and not think as they commonly need to refer to history of mentioned cases to cite their argument - hence Lawyers are commonly said that they can sell snow to the eskimos) Global Witness made a video that APPEARS to have cousins and lawyers of Taib Mahmud conspiring to reap rewards through a crooked deal.

Man, I would hate that bugger too, Taib Mahmud is that was true. Fortunately, some of us have brains to think with, and this is by no means an APPEARANCE.

Global Witness coincidentally APPEARED in the Cambodian scene, sifting through mountains of sieved sand and pointed her fingers to Singapore (again? or was it only the beginning) for importing illegally dredged sand from the Mekong riverbed. GW uses its links well enough (again, coincidentally Huftington Post comes to mind in their bid to PUBLICISE their seemingly independent stings) and from there, trigger their network of 'Non Governmental Organisations'.

So which is Global Witnesses's intended target then? Taib or Singapore?

One angle pointed to me by an NGO activist from an ASEAN country is certainly believable to me.

He noted that in many invitations sent to him for events and conferences, as well as workshops overseas (normally in Germany, Switzerland and London) organisations such as Global Witness/Global Voices readily provide training for certain NGO's that are 'aligned' in idealogy and fight to learn the art of using 'social media' to 'expose' these 'corrupt' governments.

In a particular workshop (surprise, surprise!) paid for by a German NGO, Malaysiakini's Prem Chandran was the 'instructor' on how and what to use and do to perpetuate the voice 'of citizen' journalists to bring down 'corrupt' governments (No guesses here for which example Prem used in his class). If one actually uses his brain to think, one can see how NED has reached into these groups and continually fund their operations to wage new media warfare against legitimate governments.

It is suprisingly similar to what and how these organisations reach out to their gullible independent 'NGO' friends in developing countries, and ultimately the manner and technical approach of how to conduct a 'sting' is then done on its selectively chosen subjects (in this case, cousins and lawyer, who claimed to represent Taib).

I guess if you choose to believe that these 'stings' would not have happened if the leader is not corrupt, then I would strongly suggest you learn the difference between the leader himself and those who 'claim to represent him'.

With the nearing 13th GE, I can sense the urgent need to have 'foreign' intervention by parties aligned to the losing party. I cannot help but see the weakness of Pakatan Rakyat, and their continued reliance on foreign agents as being part of their tactics. It does not help that their continued pandering of lies seemingly backed by these kinds of 'stings'.

What is certain is that this Global Witness has also showed its true colours in other countries, and as they continue 'to shed light' into so called corrupt practices in countries like Malaysia, it also shows their true intention of shaping the political landscape according to their own views.

**Huftington Post was the subject of media sales, where the Malaysian Government was accused of buying media space to advance its own agenda. If Huftington Post is believed to have sold its media space, why is it unbelievable then that Global Witness did the same?


Bala Pillai said...

Don't insult our intelligence, Tony.

Any man worth his salt, will ordinarily defend himself. Not Taib. Any man who does not ordinarily defend his name is as good as the walking dead.

Tony Yew said...


You missed the point. In our eagerness to believe all that is thrown at us, we do miss the finer prints.

Admit it. So prejusdiced are most of us that we CHOOSE to believe in those that we WANT to believe in.

This was pointed out to me by an NGO friend abroad, and I merely reflected it in my post.

Don't insult your wn intelligence and soak in what you can find about the Cambodian Sand 'Sting'.

If you are as smart as you claim, go look for the 'sting' guy from Cambodia who was actually paid by GW.