Friday, March 22, 2013

Boo Vs Chua. Chua cries Boo Hoo Hoo..

With the recent announcement of Lim Kit Siang's political migration to South Johor, reality has just begun to set in amongst DAP and PKR supporters and along with that, the calon-hopefuls too.

And in that, one side is seen as the victor and naturally the other, the vanquished.

Coincidentally, since the announcement made by Anwar (on Kit Siang's moving o Gelang Patah), PKR's Johor Chief Chua Jui Meng had gone completely silent. (See Twitter screenshot)

5 days of silence in Twitterjaya by a 'leading' politician is way too long.

Could this be a precursor to yet another abandonment by another Anawrista?

Boo Cheng Hau has stepped up his self proclaimed 'whistle stop' ceramahs (Didn't Pakatan Rakyat complained that there wasn't enough time for opposition parties to do so?)

In Twitterjaya, re-tweets are acts of 'endorsement' for originating tweets. With Boo re-tweeting Nurul Izzah's  140 character message, it is a subtle show of approval from Johor's number one DAP man that he is behind PKR's top brass.

Clearly, the cards have been dealt and Boo has now the upper hand.

To calm the situation, Anwar had a meeting with Jui Meng recently and it was understood that Anwar had 'offered' Jui Meng a safe seat in Kedah, purportedly Alor Setar.
It was also reported that Jui Meng had declined the offer as it was strange for 'PKR's Johor state chef' to contest in the north. (Funny how he can't see Kit Siang doing the same - and here is where Jui Meng's ego plays an important role in his stubborn political self)

In the 2008 elections his division was reported to have 'ceased operations' in what was described as an act of sabotage by party members. Jui Meng only announced his departure from MCA and a return from the political wilderness was only possible when he pledged allegiance to Anwar's PKR.

All is not calm in the Pakatan Rakyat marriage of convenience, especially in Johor.

Mind you, this is the FIRST election Pakatan Rakyat is running together. Back in 2008, there wasn't a formal allegiance and this could be the litmus test for a country which is still torn by the fragile two-party system it has come to known in the past five years.

Meanwhile, all Chua can do is hope that Anwar does not become too distracted with the emergence of another 'look-alike' video, so that he can resume his tussle with Boo with Anwar's blessing. Unlikely, but possible because with Anwar's well known about turns, anything can happen.

Why does Chua want Johor so badly?

Party insiders claim that PR will sweep Johor, and Chua believes that too, because he is just as eager to reach that coveted post of Menteri Besar as much as Boo!

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