Friday, February 01, 2013

Roses are red, PAS should be too

Year in and year out, come 14 of February the overzealous religious bigots from PAS will start with their campaign of killing St.Valentine.

I wonder if those who still thinks that PAS is for everyone can accept that since it is not 'right' for Muslims, then non-Muslims must do this in their own private space.

Religion ought to be left where it should be, which is very much between man and God. By imposing one's belief on others, private matters become blurred. However, I cannot make this statement these days as it will be wrong for me to speak for my Muslim friends.

If Wishing 'Merry X'Mas' was only a needle in the haystack, closing down breweries in Selangor, stopping Beer sales in 7-Eleven, hair stylist manipulations might then be just the appetiser to what Talibanistic PAS might be able to 'lead' Malaysia to.

There has always been the argument that the Chinese in Kelantan are a happy lot, and it has the largest statue of Buddha. But consider a state government which has the view that natural resources such as timber is still a right, and no efforts to introduce sustainable logging, then the views of PAS is certainly much to be desired.

There is constant talk that Nik Aziz is a man that does not abuse his position. A quick check will see his son-in-law heading Kelantan's MB Inc. So what gives?

The truth is PAS is no different from any other political party. It has managed to project itself as a religious party, but is far from it. The corridors of power still conspire to tussle for power and has no qualms to stiff one of its own to remind him who is boss.

Yet, in projecting itself as religious, PAS has convince some non-Muslims that their welfare will not be affected. Lifestyle too. If anything, the evidence in paragraph 4 shows only the opposite.

Malaysians MUST NOT BE allowed to be separated by their religious beliefs. Our way of life now is what makes us special in the eyes of the world. Any tilt in whichever direction will put us in a whole new spin that can invite disaster to the progress that we have achieved thus far.

Right minded Malaysians should also know that Malaysia is well ahead of its neighbours and offer much more stability and development to its foreign investors. Foreign investors are quite spooked by religious extremist as with political stability.

We must all be sure to weigh all these factors when going to the polls next.

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