Tuesday, February 26, 2013

IC, you see?

If this is just another video without a message, then its good for a laugh.

However, since the emergence of Pakatan Rakyat, humor is almost always only 'one sided', isn't it?

IMHO, it is safe to say that the emergence of this video which in the end claims that foreigners will be allowed to vote with a 'say NO to Barisan' message is clearly the work of Pakatan Supporters if not Pakatan itself.

The cyber war that has been happening for almost 5 years have gone up a few notches, and if one was to observe the videos and blogs, it can also be said that there are no holds barred.

But lets look at this objectively rather than dismissing this altogether.

From the video, the editor wanted to prove his point that these foreigners are given ICs without checks and system. Safe to say, he is implying that the BN government will do anything to stay in power, and the quickest 'legitimate' way is give these foreigners rights to vote.

It is sad that the only way for these detractors of the government to resort to is by spreading these unfounded lies and then draw a parallel to the RCI in Sabah.

1. The Sabah RCI has revealed that the main mastermind had changed his statement that was originally given to the investigators, and now defers greatly from his original admission of greed.

2. If anything, this video is an insult to these foreigners, most of whom had contributed greatly to the workforce. (I wonder if there are analysts who can compare the outflow of foreign exchange to the retention of revenue when these foreigners take up citizenship - but just look to history and find out what would have happened if some of our ancestors had not made the conscious decision to stay in Malaysia so that their descendants could have a better future?)

3. You can bet that the argument of opposition supporters saying that there will be no smoke if there is no fire....(seems to be the usual response these days)

4. One can surmise that the underlying message is to 'stir the issue' and create more anger so that those who have yet to decide will tick 'the other box' other than BN.

I leave you with this video, and then if you are smart enough, look for the obvious signs that will tell you that this video is genuine. (sorrylah, if you are not smart enough to note that the uniform and vest are fake, along with the helmet of the cop which is not standard issue, then I suppose you are just looking to convince yourself that you believe more in lies than the transformation that is happening right before your eyes)

It is not likely that you and I can gain access to the National Registration database, but if you do believe in these 'foreigners vote for BN for citizenship' why don't you start by running through your local constituency registrar and find out if any 'foreign' sounding names are registered?
Don't accuse, but rather raise your concerns to the relevant parties and take it from there?

What good does it do us if we all believe in all these lies?

I wonder if in the upcoming Australian Election, Australians will reject Malaysians who have been made citizens of Australia the right to vote for the next government?

I am not for a government that cheats and lie, but if one is clearly doing the right thing to correct any wrong in the past and is willing to change and transform itself, then I am all for it.

Oh wait. It s already doing the right thing by righting the wrong and transforming itself!

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