Tuesday, January 22, 2013

U burn, I burn. . .

When society allows elements such as Perkasa to clout their rational mind, then society is not worth fighting for.

Well grounded Malaysians, and level headed ones would have shunned what Ibrahim Ali said. In fact, to even give him any thought or consideration is indeed a waste of time.

Perkasa's rise is very much due to Ibrahim's moment of genius when he saw the window to draw support from hardline Malay supporters. (let's not forget his background and how he came to being, shall we?)

So in his tit for tat, classic 'tak fikir' self, has now asked for those willing to defend Islam to burn the Christian holy book.

And then what?

I am certain that there are many Malaysians, the silent majority who are not willing to pawn the state of security and safety of the nation to get that 5 minutes of glory such as the likes of Patrick Teoh and Ibrahim Ali.

With elections round the corner, its not surprising that we will be bombarded daily by these morons!

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