Thursday, January 17, 2013


If you are one that is constantly scrutinising the many emails that you have been receiving (on Malaysian government and all else that is wrong in Malaysia)and believing in it 100 percent, then I hope that you will read on and follow my advise. (one such email is by Kee Thuan Chye - Do you want the Devil you know?)

I would like to bring you back to what I did sometime in the middle of 2011.
However, my actions were deemed to have been one that had a motive. They were all wrong.
In the RPK article, he clearly assumed many things. His supporters no doubt claimed that I was a paid agent of UMNO.

Wrong in all accounts.

I do not condone anyone from either side stoking emotions in the now 'free for all' season. I certainly can see where all these are coming from. And this is why I made a police report in 2011. I am no certainly custodian of Christians but when religion is used as an excuse to stoke feelings, especially so that involves my religion, then I must state my stand.

The current general sentiment is this 'anti-establishment' feel, and the general notion is that there are many more non-Malay voters out there who probably share the same view of Patrick Teoh.
MP Seputeh had her fair share of intolerance which she back tracked on (to be fair, there are also reports of her not being responsible for the petition, but merely delivering the petition)

It seems, to be in the 'crowd' today, is to criticise the government and anything that it had done in the past, and blame it all on BN. The 'Allah' issue is one such example, and then add some more.

But are we prepared to see this going the other way?

Let's just stop for a moment and take stock of all that is happening, shall we?

Malaysia has always been like this. Islam is the official religion, yet there is plenty of room for others. Religious festivals are celebrated freely (though some like 5xMom may disagree and believe that Christians are a persecuted lot). Muslims forming the majority of the population get 'more' attention, naturally.

Let's for a moment imagine what can happen to Malaysia should PR take over, shall we? PAS, DAP and PKR will share the power, but PAS will want to give the rubber stamp on all things tied to Islam. Non Muslims will have it their way, presumably with DAP championing this whilst PKR will see itself supporting either side on different issues.

With PAS taking the lead, as with what they have done for Kelantan, do you honestly believe that there is room for everyone? PAS has already done a lot for Kelantan , like stopping women Unisex Saloon operators from cutting men's hair, stopping the sale of lottery tickets (deemed unconstitutional), and the latest is their push to control the morality of Malaysians in Kedah!

Are we prepared for a Malaysia like this? Given how some are overzealous in carrying out their duties then this may not be too far away from us.

My point is that extremist elements within the society must not be given the opportunity to overwhelm majority Malaysians who generally do not want our country to be extreme in any way.

Look and see that Malaysia is heading the right direction, and with a leadership that is committed to keeping Malaysia safe and sound, then that leadership ought to be given a chance.

I chose to help the opposition by helping in the pre 2008 elections. I saw what they continued to do when they were voted in, and all they are interested in is to politicise everything. The opposition is doing good in opposing, so I say keep them as opposition and keep the government too so that Malaysia can stay its course.

There is simply no room for extremist, Christians, Muslims or any kind of it.

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