Friday, January 18, 2013

Opposition members are prone to Premature Ejaculation

Time and again, opposition members and supporters suffer from this.

Really, they seem to have an ability to jump to conclusion from just a few statements.

For example, long before the Teoh Beng Hock suicide/murder came to being, they already made up their mind that somehow MACC Officers threw him out the window.

Forget about the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) that was commissioned to look into it. Forget about the fact that it was the opposition parties themselves that asked for it, but when they did have the opportunity to participate in the inquiry, they merely boycotted it.

This time around, its again another RCI is called by PM Najib on the issue of immigrants getting citizenship for the sole purpose of voting the then Sabah state government to power.

With the RCI in session, the honorary Chief Justice P.Ramakrishnan has singled handedly concluded that the entire scheme of giving citizenships to foreign nationals for the sole purpose of voting UMNO into power in Sabah was the work of the (then) Prime Minister, Home Minister, National Registration Department and Election Commission.

Sorry, from what P.Rama is saying, I thought that he was sharing his finding as the Cheif Justice tasked with this inquiry. His piece in Malaysian Insider insist that he has already known the 'truth' and the best thig for him to do was to tell fellow Malaysians that what you see is what you get, in the case of these Indonesians and Filipinos who got their 'blue' card. In fact P.Rama, lets call him Rama is a member of Aliran.

There is certainly something wrong in foreign nationals getting blue cards overnight and obtaining all that comes with being a citizen of the country.

But, didn't these testimonies from these witness stem from the fact that they were arrested and jailed under the ISA for these offences?

I am of the opinion that these 'witnesses', the very same ones that benefitted monetary wise from this exercise now say that it was a government cover-up that allowed them to do this.

IF indeed that is the finding of the RCI, then by all means, lets take all those involved to task. But by jumping to conclusions based on the testimony of  a few is hardly getting to the bottom of the matter.

The election process in Malaysia has been deemed dirty by the opposition, though till today, not a single one of them can tell me how a dirty-election can vote in the most number of opposition members into the last Parliament session.

So, lets not pretend that we are all being fair and just, when the very nature of an RCI is belittled by the very people who clamored for it in the beginning.

Give Justice a chance.

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