Monday, November 05, 2012

DAP plays the pessimist card

The DAP Selangor state convention can be referred to as a beauty pageant of sorts.

I am saying so because those on parade were the party big names that are mostly elected representatives that triumphed in the 2008 elections.

Consider this, party bigwigs who are constantly looked to are those who only emerged in the last GE, whereas those who used to carry the party on their backs are being pushed aside.

And where are the grassroot leaders of pre 2008? Look no further, google DAP resignations and you will probably see most of them jumping off the ship.

Is this new democracy, or has the emperor culled his best eunuchs?

Tony Pua, an absolute new comer is now seen as their economics champion. when asked about DAP's chances to retain Selangor, he chose to say that '...most people would like us to come back to Selangor, but if UMNO keeps playing the religious and race card among Malay grounds, twists and turn our statements, use scare tactics, then this might jeopardise our chances of winning'

Which is why I suppose, if that is the general perception, that UMNO which is the oldest Malay party in the country, then the best response is to quell that fear. Who better to do that than Nurul Izzah. And the place? Islamic State: Which Version?Who's Responsibility? This forum, held at the Church of Gospoel Tabernacle recently saw Nurul Izzah saying that the freedom to choose one's religion should be applied to all, irregardless of race.

If this is not an attempt to allay the fears of non muslims to prepare them for PAS's version of Islam, then I did say you have been burying your head like an Ostrich. Pakatan has been doing their church tour since the 2008 election, and this has been happening off and on. With seemingly liberal groups wanting a more secular country, it is not difficult to address this crowd, even by a hardline PAS radical.

I have always said that this feeling that Christians are persecuted is a misnomer. Look around and you will see that there are many different churches. Would you believe it if I say that even Mormons exists in Malaysia? The evangelise and preach without obstruction so long as it is not to a Malay. Why not? Because it is in the constitution.

So long as there are those who continue to play these on the minds of Malaysians then we will never move forward. Let's do away with all these shall we and vote for real politicians who will continue to move us ahead. No radical Talibans for Hudud, no liberals that will turn Malaysia into another Thailand, and most importantly that we continue to keep this economic momentum so that we can all live a blessed life.

And remember, the elections that was so not 'Bersih' actually gave the opposition 83 parliamentary seats out of the 222!

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