Thursday, December 22, 2011

A short drive, a conversion and a whole lot of sense

I was tasked with ensuring that my guests were brought to a top official's office for a meeting recently, and boy was it entertaining.

It was no more than 20 minutes, and given the traffic at 7.30am in Melaka, traffic was a breeze.

The guest, a visitor from a country in the Middle East had asked about certain do's and don'ts and it was about then that the host started on about what it meant for muslims here (the host himself being muslim) and he proceeded to explain about marriage et all.

At this point, the visitor merely said 'what?', and proceeded with a 'you mean. here they make up the religion?'

Now, before I proceed, let me just say that I have absolutely no understanding whatsoever about Islam, besides the usual respect that we give each other in this country of mine which I have consciously known.

Please go browse another blog if you do not want to read any further, for it is not my intention to belittle anyone nor their belief.

At this point, the visitor then assured those in the car, muslims including, that all that is needed to be a muslim is to acknowledge that there is only one god and Muhamad is the prophet. Here there was a simple exchange about how couples from different beliefs had to go through if one was to convert to Islam.

It was then that one of the guest who was non muslim, had uttered the 'shahadah' and acknowledged by the Mid Eastern guest and one other muslim, thus in that short drive, I got to witness what middle easterns consider as a practise and how here in Malaysia, they make things a little complicated.

What I am trying to say here is that when man interferes with anything, it gets complicated. As complicated as how my second daughter's first Holy Communion had become, and just as complicated as to how the priest these days seem to believe that political activism is as Christian as Jesus himself.

It was certainly entertaining and just as amusing listening to the guest telling us about his experiences travelling in and out of America. He had shared his numerous 'ramdomly selected' inspections and how he alsmost always ended up being randomly selected.

Now, why do you think this rambling is all about?

Just as how this guest in our country had to endure these kinds of discrimination, our very own Hudud supporting Pakatan Rakyat MPs can sing about how just the law is, but it will certainly encroach into our much encroached lives already. Funny how the issue has suddenly taken a back seat despite DAP and PKR's deafenning silence!

Is it just me or haven't you noticed how PAS youth and the likes seem to thrive on protesting different social events to keep the youth 'protected'.

This posting might be a few weeks late, but does anyone out there who REALLY know someone who had turned GAY listenning to Elton John in Genting?

I know for sure that I ain't even gonna consider opposition at all for all they want is to close down Genting!

I am just glad I caught Jonathan Butler when he was here!

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Dave Avran said...

Good article, Mr Can You See It.
Makes you think, doesn't it?

Btw I watched the Elton concert, and I can assure you that I'm still straight.

A blessed Christmas and an awesome 2012 to you + your loved ones.