Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bastard=Haram Jadah

There are perhaps many derogatory words that can invoke anger and hatred, and the one that is most often used is the one that aims to depict the subject as a Bastard (one that is born out of wedlock). Of course, one can argue that Quentin Tarantino had found a way how to glorify the use of it, but in local Malaysian culture, especially to the Muslims, calling one a bastard (or Haram Jadah) can be really degrading.

Why? In a culture where close proximity is an offence for Muslims, a child out of wedlock implying the fault of the mother of lose moral belief is certainly downright rude and uncouth.

Well, even for Chinese for that matter. So when there were stories floating around cyberspace of a grandson of a certain politician was involved in some sexual harassment case, Lim Kit Siang called for those responsible to not resort to 'gutter' politics. Politics in Malaysia had seen its fair share of dirt, but when the Perak DAP leadership resorted to calling Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Zambery Abdul Kadir, a Bastard (Haram Jadah) of Black Metallic colour, Nga Kor Ming had gone past the line (again).

So what has the DAP leadership else to do but to sack or suspend him? They suspended an elected rep who chose to belittle the national flag Jalur Gemilang, and accusing it of being too BN.

But hold on, aren't they ever so good to 'sandi wara' each time their own create an issue? And then turn around and blame it on the subject instead?

Time and again, I remind my detractors that the very objective of voting the opposition into office is to ensure that they provide a good counter balance to the government, in short, be a good opposition, yet each time, they prove to me that they are only capable of creating dramas, and this one has to go down as their latest.

I won't blame you if you felt that you had been slighted by all these politicians. After all, the elections might be round the corner, and it is certainly not too late to identify the idiots and their masters.

Click here to hear what Nga kor Ming believes about the Perak MB and how he got into office, that Bastard. (in Nga's own words)

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