Friday, July 01, 2011

Don't push it

A friend remarked the other day to an audience that he would have gladly supported Ambiga if she incited 100,000 to pick up pales and cloth to wash cars in order to raise money for a good cause.

I would too, and I am sure you would whether you prefer a yellow or red badge.

However, the moment you start to identify a political cause to it, then it obviously become.....political.

It does not take a genius to see the damage it has done to countries like Thailand, who until today are still picking up the pieces of the Red Shirt vs Yellow Shirt protest that virtually killed off Thailand Tourism (well, it took them 3 quarters to recover but yet the damage was there).
Yet in Libya, the battle still continues. (Police picked up some banners from a 'Bersih' gathering point that asked the public to revolt ala Libya)

Is this the way we want to take the country forward?

Much has been said about Najib and how he will destroy the country if he comes into power (there was a group who petitioned the King to interfere in his appointment). Najib has assumed power now for almost 2 years, ad we have seen positive changes vs the last administration, and Malaysia continue to grow despite all the doom and gloom in world economics.

Bersih 2.0 is nothing more than a desperate attempt to push the Government to wield the ISA. It does not help that the Home Minister has not been 'moved' to act against troublemakers, but worst of is the fact that the opposition lawmakers are openly defying the law in trying to coral public support.

Did you stop and ask yourself why now? Having produced great growth gains in trying times, Malaysia under Najib has won over many detractors. Anwar on the other hand has been tripping all over his folly. It really does not help the opposition if Najib calls for an election soon.

So out comes from the woodwork all those who crawled into it the last time around. Not only have they grown bg and fat from all the milking that has been going on, they have been fed the notion that the whole nation supports them!

This has gotten a mother of 5 , otherwise known as 5xMom both in her blog and twitter. She had twitted 'I think all Christians should march for all the persecution they had done to us and our lord' on the night of the 29th of June. I had seen that twit being retweeted, and am definitely disappointed that there are people out there who is happy to incite and blow up what Bersih has started.

What more if you work for a Chief Minister? Should we, the rest of us who want to move forward just stand by on the side and hope that the best prevail?

I can't. I stood by when I was demonised for 'switching sides', but I know myself better.

For one, I am a catholic, and WILL NOT ACCEPT that my religion is used by some to garner popularity in the name of religion. The line has to be drawn, and there are limits to what we can do. Inciting in the name of religion is not one of it.

I made a police report today, after my warning to 5Xmom to remove the tweet was ignored, and I guess now its time I did my part to debunk the notion that ALL CATHOLICS are off the view that we have been religiously persecuted.

I am appealing to all right minded (not like minded) people to think rationally and not react emotionally. Malaysia is OUR COUNTRY, and do not let the likes of Ibrahim Ali, or Ambiga and those bent on tearing Malaysia apart for their benefits to prevail.

This is OUR COUNTRY. There is no need to take to the streets to defend it as THERE IS NOTHING TO DEFEND IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!
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Anonymous said...

BRAVO!BRAVO!BRAVO.Saya pun rakyat Malaysia juga...totally tak agree cara BERSIH..Ambiga atau pun Ibrahim...tunggu lah Election!!!!!

Anonymous said...

BRAVO Tony........Saya setuju...Depa ingat depa saje rakyat Malaysia ke?Tunggu lah election!!!!!!

John F SeaDemon said...

Well done bro. I'm against all forms of religious and racial extremists, or incitements using race and religion

Anonymous said...

Bro, I'm a malay muslim and I want to slap you for being such a great malaysian. If there is threat to your religious belief in Malaysia, I will be the first to defend it. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Tony, I agree with you that what 5xmom did was wrong. Bersih walk should not be about any political party, religion nor race. It should just be about seeking fair elections. However, I respectfully disagree with you that the economy is better now with Najib as PM. It is the same, in fact it is being compounded by the many well known leakages in the govt. No point mentioning them as the list is just too long. Do not take words that come out from govt that economy is good easily.

Anonymous said...

Tony, what are your thoughts on Ibrahim Ali ? Care to share ? Any police reports? I'm guessing not. So we now know what kind of a person you really are right?

Anonymous said...

Just click on this link and read the content:

Anonymous said...

you are trully the worst christian i have ever seen may u go to hell soon

Tony Yew said...

Dear readers,
Thank you for your time spent here. To those who get off by calling me names, I am glad to be of service. my apologies if you had been dropped on your head when you were young.

Matter if fact. why don't you take a look in the mirror before making accusations?

I am sorry if you are hell bent on creating chaos. The country is well defended by some who have to put up with your whims and fancy.

To the commenter who insist that I read m-today. sorry. lost faith in Pete when he told that big fat lie and haven't seen smut for a while. Thnks but no thnks.

oh yeah. If you forgot, its Datuk Ambiga.

And let's put the notion to rest ok? I don't work for Rocky.

He is a friend, and if you know him personally, you would have known what kind of person he is.

as always, I don't censor my blog unless things get too sensitive and personal.

happy jerking off.

I work with 13 others who are committee members of BHM.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony, it is very obvious that you're politically motivated in your actions, and your religion is on false pretentions. The Bible would prohibit you from doing what you just did cf 1 Cor 6:1-8.

Tony Yew said...

'For he gave me sound knowledge of existing things, that I might know the orhanisation of the universe and the force of its elements'

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bravo Tony.

I am a Muslim & I have always regards us, Christians & Muslims, Agama Langit. Jews too. Accept Muhammad, we believe in all the other Prophets, Only names & interpretation is different. We really cannot blame anybody who is alive today, what happen thousands years ago, at different ages. Since I was born into a Malay family, it is obvious that I profess Islam. I cannot choose my parents, you know.

I took MCE 1976. In those days almost all my friends are non Malays; some are Christian. I do not see the Govt. prosecuting Christian. After all, Allah can be use by all. Is it not?

Why do we need to follow the Arabs' uprising? Wonder when will peace & harmony come upon them, after their victorious riot? These people are tribal. Although, of the same faith, they are willing to kill each other. Once hatred sets in, it is not easy to make peace. Even if they break apart their country amongst them, peace may still be elusive.
Imagine what will happen to us Malaysian, with different faith & tribes/race, if we were to incite revolt amongst us.

Please let our kids and their children have a peaceful & prosperous life in this country.


Anonymous said...

I just wasted 3 minutes of my life reading your article. I am sorry.

Tony Yew said...

such is the quality of commentators. not a single one questioned the need by 5xmom on her inciting Christians.

What is the point here? can you see it?

Rahman or rickman said...

Civil society needs to be defended. I find it really disgusting when u said there'd is nothing to be defended. Feel really filthy reading your article or whatever youi called it.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should appreciate that these matters - issue of banning the use of the name Allah, banning the catholic magazine (herald) for a season, the confiscation of Malay Bibles, the stamping of Malay Bibles (or desecration if you like), the taunts and threats by PERKASA - can easily be perceived to be a form of persecution. You merely stated your own experience of being able to worship freely, but you do not represent the native Christians in Sarawak. And I'm sure peninsular Christians can share similar experiences - orang asli churches being torn down, difficulty in obtaining government licence to build churches - to name a couple of examples. Moreover, for you to lodge a police report over such a matter should compel you to lodge police reports on a whole lot of other 'seditious' and provocative things said by politicians on both sides of the fence. Why now?

Anonymous said...

LOL! Didn't know idiots like this guy even existed in the Christian community. Pakai rayban macam hero konon. Hahaha!

Freddie Kevin said...

Dear Tony,

I wish I was there with you when thr report was made.

Anon 9.12
You can fucking go to hell and since I'm Catholic I'll see you there.

Anon 11.54
And you took another 3 mins wasting your assinine time to comment?

Anon 12.23
You won't be LOL when the ex-con Anwar screws you by the back door.
Tony may not be a hero but what are you? Zero.

Tony, keep the faith Bro.

Inyourface said...

Bottom line is both sides are using race & religion, so why jump at one and not the other?

Bersih's intention is honorable. And its honorable intention was hijacked by hooligans and short-sighted men and morally-deficient people who cannot see or worse still, condone and close one eye to all the cheating & bribery during elections. These people would even defend that corruption is a good thing for our nation. I see this author clearly as one apologist for the ilks of Ibrahim Ali & his patron saint, the old man. Ooops, I mean the patron of his Blog house.

Anonymous said...

bro... which church do you go to in selangor/kl?


Tony Yew said...

To the commentator who posted the comment abt me being funny with quotes. sorry, had inadvertently deleted your comment.

Not to proof anything, but if you did care you will note that its note a quote. but since you jumped to conclusion, let me introduce you to the book of Wisdom.

if you had any intelligence to begin with you wud hv noted that it resulted from another who thought that I was sleeping during bible studies.

Amusing, these commentators, but after a while it gets boring.

Please, if I may suggest go write your own blog. There is no need to engage me, and as my intentions was to highlight the dangers of playing politics with religion, u hv just proven me right again with your pack mentality.

Malaysia needs her citizens to be counted, not villains.

Tony Yew said...


Thanks for taking the time to reply to those commentators who seem to enjoy taking themickey outta the whole issue.

Funny that no one questioned the need for 5xmom to incite, don't you think?

If we ALL take a stand to confront, christians against whoever, wouldn't it then be a religious crusade?

And then what? Burk what we already have?

There is a point here. There is a need to be careful with this tool that we have all grown so fond off, twitter, blogs, facebook, etc.

These tools are not to be taken lightly.

If I have already received this many feedback, both for and against, then I know I have already gotten my message across.

Moderation, will never give rise to extreme. remember that.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the corrupt doesn't know how to be corrupt, like you Tony

It is all too obvious when people read your postings together with Rocky Bru. I know you need the money, but...

Get a life boy, dun waste your time
( I just wasted all of 10 minutes reading your post )

Tony Yew said...

Funny comments!

pls do check your facts, last time I checked, its 5xmom that is under the employ of the Penang CM.

Anonymous said...

How intelligent can u be when u go against a figure who are fighting injustice?

Have u mention why this figure is "instigating"/supporting a clean and just election process? So have u make any research on injustice in the system b4 crucifying this figure? Devout christian(persannally i think u r only name-christians but betting on a place for heaven)?

Anonymous said...

Tony, stop trying to give funny responses. You are notnat all witty and don't come acros as such. Now answer the fuckingnquestion. What do u think of Ibrahim Ali?

Tony Yew said...

Anon 12:48pm

care to read again? you will find my thoughts on Ibrahim Ali.

I hv mentioned at leadt 3 times in my past postings.

Thnks for ur comments.

Tony Yew said...

Anon 12:15, then resend at 5:01pm

It does not really matter what I think as it simply
adds more fuel to the fire isnt it?

But if u r honestly seeking my view then its this.
Didn't the council of churches accept the explanation on the 'desecration of the bible'?

If the council did, then why not move on?

I can accept that there may be overzealous officers anywhere in the system, which gives rise to the notion of 'persecution'. I believe that the government does not hold an official policy that is aimed at persecuting other religions other than Islam.

If we all hv this positive attitude and use the right channel, will we contribute to this air of mistrust?

As a Catholic growing up in Peninsular, the word Allah was never used when I was taught Cathechism. I never claimed to represent the East Msian Christians and will not even attempt to.

As for Orang Asli Churches being torn down, I won't comment on it as I am not privy to the circumstances surrounding it. Could it have been a land dispute? could it have been issues with the district council?

I wouldn't know.

As for church planning, again I am not privy to the town planning details. From personal experience, yes there was delay in the church being approved. In fact, it was even disputed. Now that it is up, I dont have any complaints, but if there are those who want to still harp on it. by all means.

My main concern again is the way people are happy to jump in and fan the fire. 5xmom is just one of them. And so is Ibrahim Ali. What is KJ to do? whether he stands by he side or lead his Pemuda will still rile the rest.

We must all take the moderate way. There is a time and place for it. taking the streets is not one of them.

Anonymous said...

After reading you posting carefully I notice you have highlighted Najib's pros and Anwar's faults although both men has their own strengths and weakness. Why? Are you politically motivated as well?

You seem to imply that Ambiga and Bersih has political motivation behind this rally. This is false! So either you are not well inform or you have your own agenda behind this deception. Bersih objective is very clear! Clean and Fair Elections! Pls go on their webpage and read it for yourself!

What is so wrong in giving the people a few hours to voice their opinions and then go home? It can actually stimulate the economy.
Marching people in the city will be hungry and thirsty and they my need a ride to go home (some maybe in a cab.

After all there are no plans to burn pictures of anyone or even dragging a cow's head around!

Most importantly is that Christianity is not yours alone. If it is 5xmom's conviction to call on her fellow Christian's friends to join this cause (which she believes to be in line with her faith), who are you to prosecute her for her own believe? And why do you have a mentality of an UMNO goon where you don't have faith in your own Christian members to evaluate what 5xmom says for themselves and to decide by themselves if what she says is correct? Why must you try to shut her up!!

This doesn't seem to be a very Christian thing to do?

This is a democratic country and we are all free to have our own opinion! My opinion is that there IS SOMETHING TO DEFEND! and that is to have free and fair elections and the right to have peaceful demonstration without being arrested even before we have a chance to prove that we can have a peaceful demonstration!

So as a fellow Christian, I respect your opinion but allow your other fellow Christian their opinion without trying to get them arrested!

The only thing I really agree with you on is your comparison with Libya! (I don't think Najib and Hishammudin is very far off to Gadaffi at this rate!)

Anonymous said...

I totaly agree with you on you take on mixing politics with religion. But aren't you doing exactly what you preach. Making police report, highlight/emphasize the issue, demanding people to subject to your whims. What you did is like "adding fuel to the fire". I do not agree with the way 5xmom way of expessing her frustration but you do not have to hang her up on the wall, use her to propagate your agenda, whatever your ulterior motive's may be.

Since you took the liberty to assume 5xmum tweet message is politically motivated and insinuating that it is instigating an uprising against the offical religion, I will take mine and assume your ulterior motive is to create fear amoung peace loving Malaysians in light of the impending peaceful rally. Similar to the "communist insurgent" issue in the North where our special intelligence have information that 40 harmless man, women and teenagers armed with t-shirts and leaflets were planning to go to war against the agong, knowing that the agong have the air force, army, and the polic at his disposal to defend the throne (absurd to even think about it).

Is my assumption correct? If I am right, please stop whatever you are trying to do. Stop assuming that the Malaysian public are ignorant about the current state of affairs that they need you to tell them what is right and what is wrong. Maybe that's your problem, in most instances there is no absolute right or wrong, white or black, it's mostly about compromising.

It's already a very complex and sensitive situation and we don't need self serving individuals to add salt and pepper to complicate an already very sensitive situation.

Anonymous said...

True Religion VS groups of Western Domination destroy origin culture that hold China up to 5000 years & living harmony with others.

-it was begin since opium war
-promoted communist to curb the Chinese before they are well prepared
-funded & given overseas Chinese business network
-promote singapore & HK as modern Chinese to seduce China, now Taiwan.
-western company sponsored various reality program after China open the business to the world.
-spreading wrong way of Christianity esp for those who engage with western business & the overseas Chinese..(for War)

please refet to:-
Guge: Lost Kingdom of Tibet & Taiping revolt

true God: to love any God creature..not hatred or any war movement.

Keith said...

Let's be honest here.

You can go to church but can you build a church? My local parish took 10 years for approval to just extend our church, and by that time cost of materials and construction doubled.

The church of Shah Alam took another 10 years for approvals and permits, and finally was built in a factory area. It now has record capacity attendance, but to place it in a factory area is just disrespectful.

Churches all over can be built and my donation to my church is not tax exempt let alone a tax relief like zakat.

Finally and most interestingly, the government is trying to prevent malay-speaking Christians from using a word that they've used for more than 2 centuries. Maybe that doesn't affect you because you don't speak bahasa, but yes the government is slowly infringing on my rights. I haven't even begun to speak about Hindu temples yet.

Buah Ciku said...

Let's put it this way,

Are you gonna keep quiet when the Gov. increases fuel prices?

Are you gonna keep quiet when the Gov. increases income tax, implement the GST, and other form of taxes?

Do you expect the taxi drivers to keep quiet when the Gov. increases gas prices, taxi registration fees, and do nothing about fake taxi drivers?

Do you expect the businessmen to keep quiet if the Gov. increases business tax/rents?

Are you going to keep quiet if the gov. increases ur children's school fees?

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

Please take the views of fellow Christians in context. One of the respondents quoted 1Cor6. Cut and pasted here for all to see what could have been more appropriate than to run to the cops.

I did not care much about Bersih 2.0 until the arrests and selected persecution by the State. The phobia on the part of the State that resulted in ridiculous accusations of overseas Christian support, communism, Parti Komunis Malaya (defunct) links, etc. The attack against Ambiga was very personal and religious. Videos of how people were arrested was disgusting and so illustrative of what Bersih 2.0 was fighting for. After sitting up and perusing the facts of history and current struggles, I am glad to say that from fence sitting, I am now pro-Bersih.

Have a good time of worship tomorrow Tony and btw bro Freddie Kevin, don't swear - the message gets across clearer without it.

Colin Wong

1 Corinthians 6

Lawsuits Among Believers

1 If any of you has a dispute with another, do you dare to take it before the ungodly for judgment instead of before the Lord’s people? 2 Or do you not know that the Lord’s people will judge the world? And if you are to judge the world, are you not competent to judge trivial cases? 3 Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more the things of this life! 4 Therefore, if you have disputes about such matters, do you ask for a ruling from those whose way of life is scorned in the church? 5 I say this to shame you. Is it possible that there is nobody among you wise enough to judge a dispute between believers? 6 But instead, one brother takes another to court—and this in front of unbelievers!
7 The very fact that you have lawsuits among you means you have been completely defeated already. Why not rather be wronged? Why not rather be cheated? 8 Instead, you yourselves cheat and do wrong, and you do this to your brothers and sisters.

Buah Ciku said...

Hey Tony,

The following quotation basically summarizes my thoughts! I hope you can appreciate it ;)

First they came for the communists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak out for me

Credit goes to RPK and Friedrich Gustav Emil Martin Niemöller

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

Malaysian society has changed so much and is driven by anger and hate that most are blinded. Its becoming a case of "you're either with us or against us"..for both parties. Those who claim to be persecuted are fighting back by persecuting others. I think we all need to heed the advice of a certain green creature who once said “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” Christians fear that their rights are being trampled upon and start resenting the govt. They get angry and frustrated, and this anger fuels the fire of hatred. The Muslims feel that their religion are being challenged by this, and the start fearing that their religion will be fought against, (as with so many Islamic countries world wide) and they become angry and start hating the Christians. All the while, both parties are doing the "right thing" and claim to be upholding their "rights". Moderation, tolerance and common sense goes out the window. God cries and Satan grins. We all lose.

May God have mercy on us all.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

Yes, there are always better ways to spark a fire. Clearly, we don't want businesses to close down and chaos to come to us. Unless you're suggesting that they are people who just want to see the world burn.

But just to be sure if we are one the same page. Are Christians & Catholics supposedly to be not the same religion?

I know for a fact that we don't worship Mother Mary and yet you have an issue with someone who "thinks" out loud whether Christians should join.

Let's assume if she is a Catholic, then by all means throw her to the dogs. But if she's a Christian, you probably will still throw her to the dogs and stone her in public just to add the dramatic effect.

But making an issue about it, it's just what we need to have people hating or loving you. After all, why blog then?

I think there were several verses in the New Testament concerning about social injustice but you're probably too busy/lazy to look it up. In fact, I think that we need Chen-whats-her-name here to inform us. After all, Christians are very different from Roman Catholics.

But let's be honest, you're not going to change your stance. You're just going to live your life with 5 kids happily blogging and staying in that place you called the Roman Catholic church.

You're not going to care if 300,000 Christian people were to take a walk down some road in KL as long they are not Catholics whom you can stone. You just want "other" people to do the dirty work and hence protect Catholic hands because they are too important doing sensitive parts.

After all, we like to play the religion card so much that it's almost an everyday thing. So Tony, you did a great post, an excellent post regarding how important it is that Christians will have to take the fight and leave the Catholics behind. Sad day, and I was just warming up to the free wines during Holy Communions.

You have a good day now Tony. Cheers.

AAW said...

True religion is one that speaks up against any form of social injustices. Being silent = havng no religion. Faith without works is dead.

Anonymous said...

Tony, the 13 people you work with, are all of you led by Syed Akbar Ali? Just read the comment that he posted on MT which got him charged for sedition. How could he say such things about Islam. I'm disappointed the judiciary didnt proceed with the case. About Bersih, I dont know what to expect from them. It wont be a peaceful protest with so many people joining the fray. Probably call it off for the sake of many who intend to join it. She could go and personally hand over the petition to the representative of the King. Better for all.

Buah Ciku said...

Myth #1: The Bersih demonstration aimed at toppling the Government just like what happened in Middle East.

Question: Based on last GE, BN and PR both got about 50% votes in Peninsular while BN won > 60% votes in East Malaysia. How could the minority topple the majority? In the Middle East, it was the majority of the citizens + the military who are against the government.

Myth #2: The Bersih demonstration will disrupt businesses, tourism, and income. Tourists and foreign businesses will leave.

Question: The last Bersih demonstration was in 2008. I am not sure about our economy status back then. As far as I know, whenever the economy does well, the BN attributed it to their good governance. When the economy is bad, they blame it on the world. HK is experiencing rallies and demonstrations every weekend. As far as I know, their social economy is better than our “peaceful” country. Even Thailand, which has experienced a change in government due to demonstration, is doing better than us.

Myth #3: Bersih rally is funded by foreign elements.

Question: Show us the evidence. I thought our country has one of the strictest monetary policies in the world. If suspicious funds are entering the country, Bank Negara would have been alerted and Ambiga’s bank account would have been suspended. Also our country has the strictest policies with regards to firearms. The only time where firearms are misused was during the Sauk Incident, Altantuya Murder, killing of Aminulrashid, and so on. I have not heard anyone from the next and previous Bersih rally carrying machine guns. If mortar bomb and steel chairs can topple the government, then what’s the use of investing billions into the armed forces? What’s the point of buying jet planes, Scorpene submarines, and many more weapons?

Myth #4: There is nothing wrong with this country. I am not affected at all.

Question: You must be living in heaven.

Myth #5: There is freedom of speech in this country. There are other better and more peaceful ways to show our opinions.

Question: Yes, we do have freedom of expression. It is freedom after speech that we do not have. Do you know that you can get arrested for lighting candles? Do you know that you can get arrested for eating cakes? Do you know that you can get arrested for drawing cartoons? Do you know that you can get arrested for upholding the truth? Do you know that you can get arrested for defending the innocence?

Myth #6: Bersih is about invigorating Communism.

Question: How could a group of < 10 people be able to do that? Furthermore, they were armed with T-Shirts. Is this Communism? Are Malaysians so stupid till the point where < 10 people can influence 27 million people?

Aku Peduli Apa @ APA said...

Hai bro.
Only if...

Anonymous said...


Where can I access this tweet?

When I google for 5xmom twitter, I am asked to 'register' so that I will be accepted as friends.

I want to read the entire tweets to know her as a person before I can pass judgement as to her way of thinking when she tweet

Her tweet is only for the 1000 friends that she has accepted so far as friends.

So it means that she can only influence 1000 people to her way of thinking.

Friends do not back-stab each other. Friends advise and support each other. Friends do not make police report against each other.

Have you remove yourself from her friends list? I think you should or she should remove you, because obviously you two do not think alike.

I don't think you are a good friend.

I don't know you but I have read your blog, and I didn't see any police report made by you against Ibrahim Ali

Rafikasastras said...

Reading your article brought tears to my eyes.Terima kasih kerana begitu tulus bersangka baik, menghormati dan memahami.

glassman said...

Tony, its not pack mentality,,maybe you knew but slip your mind, its, herd mentality, get it? herd of cows, buffaloes, hahaha herd mentality is the word.

anyways Tony fellow, its written already. in the end of days , people will be arguing non stop,,, war,, earthquakes and so on and so forth,, even nostradamus didn't predict all this except after Nine-Eleven, they came out with a nostrildamus prediction. can you believe them? suddenly, out of the blue they say they got this document dusted and found some words to justify their interpretations.. I don't know where I'm going here,,, but here goes, that lady in Guan Eng's office should not have used her office as a tool to propagate her believes.. false as it may be.. wow, if any one wanna build a church, they should get approval eh? Go to america .. see them buy land to build churches.. and the padres or minister lives there with their families.. unlike some who ,,,,,,, nah .. I can't go down that road.. ciao!

Anonymous said...

It IS rather cheap that you added her as a friend, then reported on her.

Tony Yew said...

to 8:14pm commenter,

Twitter is not facebook. a tweet can be retweeted, opening your timeline.

unlike facebook, followers are not friends.

Suzaku05 said...

Mr Tony i really appreciate what u have written and you unlike some of the Christians and Muslims who uses their teaching to fuel hatred.

I will link your blog in FB and hopefully more will listen and support u.

As we all know it is not about religion it is about living in peace with each other.

Tony Yew said...

8:40pm KUALA LUMPUR 3 Julai — Istana Negara malam ini mengeluarkan Titah Khas Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin mengenai perhimpunan haram anjuran Gabungan Pilihan Raya Bersih dan Adil (Bersih) pada 9 Julai ini. Berikut adalah teks penuh Titah Khas tersebut: Beta sedang mengikuti dengan teliti akan perkembangan cadangan Kumpulan Bersih untuk mengadakan perarakan dan perhimpunan beramai-ramai yang bertujuan untuk menyerahkan memorandum kepada Beta selaku Yang di-Pertuan Agong, dan bagaimana pihak kerajaan menangani isu ini khususnya agensi-agensi dan jabatan-jabatan yang terlibat. Namun Beta yakin kepimpinan negara di bawah Yang Amat Berhormat Datuk Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Haji Abdul Razak berkemampuan untuk menangani masalah ini dengan sebaik mungkin. Beta menyeru di dalam keghairahan sebahagian rakyat berpolitik bagi menyuburkan demokrasi dalam negara kita ini hendaklah dipastikan juga bahawa tuntutan demokrasi itu tidak akan membawa kemusnahan kepada negara. Kita tidak boleh terlalu terikut-ikut dengan amalan-amalan negara-negara luar secara umumnya kerana keharmonian dan kestabilan negara adalah asas penting bagi sesebuah negara yang perlu semua pihak pertahankan. Beta juga menyeru kepada pihak kerajaan agar melaksanakan segala amanah yang diberikan kepada rakyat secara adil dan bijaksana dan yang pentingnya Beta selaku Yang di-Pertuan Agong tidak mahu melihat dalam negara bermasyarakat majmuk ini berada di dalam keadaan bermusuhan sesama sendiri ataupun sebahagian rakyatnya bermusuh dengan kerajaan atas apa jua alasan pun. Setiap permasalahan yang timbul, kita sebagai masyarakat bertamadun hendaklah menyelesaikan secara rundingan dan tidak mengikut perasaan seperti pepatah Melayu ‘Yang Dikejar Tak Dapat Yang Dikendong Berciciran’. Hakikatnya, demonstrasi jalanan banyak membawa keburukan daripada kebaikan walaupun niat asalnya baik. Sebaliknya, kita harus menumpukan kepada matlamat utama memajukan negara, bukannya mencipta masalah yang membuat negara berada terkebelakang. Ingatlah bumi mana yang tidak ditimpa hujan, lautan mana yang tidak bergelora. Itulah pentingnya sifat kesederhanan dan tolak ansur yang telah begitu lama diamalkan oleh warisan pentadbiran negara. — Bernama

Anonymous said...

Peace be with you.. May be we should stay peace and let our next generation being suck dry of their hard earn money!!!!

Anonymous said...

tony, i follow syed akbar ali's blog but after reading something on people's parliament
about what syed wrote on islam i was kinda disappointed but would like to ask him if he did write such things. posted a comment in his blog but seems like he has not replied to me nor posted my comment. i think your bloggers team should replace him with someone more credible and would not write bad things about religion like rocky or even yourself. i think if he doesnt clarify about his posting, then he would be a deadwood to your bloogers organisation. and tony, i know you will post this comment and then at least syed will clarify the truthfulness of the charge.

tonybnjilat said...

you are a disgrace to the chinese and Christians.

Anonymous said...

hi tony,

just a question here.

1. do u stand for clean election?


Anonymous said...

Neither Lilian or Tony are pastors who can preach to Christians.

Christians normally follow what the pastor preach just like what the Moslems follow their Ulamas.

So both of them are just Christian faith and followers.

Why should most Christians of whatever denominations follow what both of you say?

It's up to each individual to ask their pastors and decide for themselves.

To bring harm to another Christian due to self interest is definitely sinful.

Draw the line of where you stand Tony. Is it religion or politics which you are defending?

Likewise the question should be asked of Lilian.

If both of you are into political salvation, please don't bring other Christians into your quarrels.

You think Christians all over are so dumb as to link it's beliefs to what politicians say or whatever party represents!

Go find your pastor for confessions if you have sinned against another.

Freddie Kevin said...

@Keith 9:05 PM

How did the Roman Catholic Church come into being? What was it before it became the Roman Catholic Church?

My point is the Church became stronger facing persecutions then.

Inspite of the "persecution", this trouble maker 5xmom exhorts, as you admit the Churches were built but still cannot accomodate us worshippers. What does that mean? Our numbers are dwindling?

Have anyone been charged of an offence for being Christian?

Emm by the way, what's with the Bapak Kami Yang Ada DiSyurga?

@Colin Wong 12.05

Bro Colin,

I am adverse to engage in a theological discussion.

"Instead, you yourselves cheat and do wrong, and you do this to your brothers and sisters." You should tell this to the 5xmom instead of Tony.

The point is this woman is trying to stoke the flames of hatred rather than being Christian and forgive.

I thank you for your advice. A polite go to hell is no different than my effing him to hell.

I sincerely respect your very Christian attitude.

For me “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s”

Peace be with you both.

Freddie Kevin said...

Bro Tony,

I have changed my mind. I have a right to.

I will tell my children that 5xmom is right as she is expressing her right to free speech and a Christian defending her faith.

I will teach my children freedom not only of speech but of choice.

Even though I have baptized them, I will seek their forgiveness, for forcing it onto them.

If they do no want to go to Church, I will not admonish them, for that is their right of freedom to express their dissent.

Anonymous said...

I am appalled at some of the vile comments made in reaction to your post.It's said that the internet provides a platform for people ofthe lowest common denominator to share their views.Sadly,it's been proven right. Calling each other names seems par for the course in this medium.If only these commentators wrote sensibly without all the putrid curses and name calling, might their comments then be taken seriously.

I have never voted for PAS because of their religious leanings. Now DAP appears to be veering in that direction and I can assure you that I won't be voting for them too.The moment this country falls into the hands of religious zealots will be the end of Malaysia as we know it.Christians and Muslims share far more ideologies and beliefs than they would like to admit.

For that mom to post her childish and totally misguided missive on Twitter, I can only feel sorry for her.If she studied her words properly, and to all those who support it, you will realise that it is a hypocritical rant, which unfortunately, afflicts people of deep religious faith.

I'm glad I left the Christian faith. What I see going on with the "born - agains" saddens me. Their obvious lack of maturity in understanding what religious faith is really about is their undoing. Religion is simply about caring: none of these zealots seem to care very much, except for themselves.

Just so you know, I condemn all religious zealots.

As for Bersih 2.0, what is there to say, other than it is a political attempt to undermine the ruling government and in the process, to bolster the ambitions of the parties that are trying to be the new rulers? Any impartial and mature observer is able to see that the organisers of this gathering is hoping for a similar outcome to events in Egypt. I think they are sadly misguided if they are hoping for a change of rule to happen through this means.

I fear for our people.

Eugene Kok

Anonymous said...

ahhhh....i see you are a wong chun wai-jocelyn tan-baradan kuppusamy wannabe. join the ranks of the BN sycophants....why don't you? tony, your name is judas. and it's just plain karma that your wife got fired by mas. good riddance.

Anonymous said...

sorry, just need to express this. feels that this has been blown out of proportion. i believe that because of your own assumption you are accusing the other personn for such things and even filed a police report. am ashamed that a fellow catholic is doing this to another of the same faith.

lallang exile said...



Keep up the good work. The anons who attack you are like the drones in starwars - they don't matter to someone like you who is enlightened.

There is a real and present danger of Malaysia succumbing to the Arab spring riots - and as responsible Malaysians and Christians, we have the responsibility and right to protest against the likes of 5x mom and others hellbent on creating chaos.

My once peaceful kampung - where the Malays, Chinese and Indians have coexisted peacefully since its founding in the mid-50s - is now an opposition hotbed, sadly. I detest those who have poisoned the people's hearts and fooled them with their rhetoric and promises.

An Orwellian nightmare ala Iraq, Libya, Egypt, etc is unravelling before our eyes and it is up to us to stop it from happening.

Those of us who went through Ops Lallang in 87 remember that prior to the arrest and demos, there were groups who were actively fanning dissent by circulating seditious statements and threats, otherwise known as agent provocateurs.

Now, that same person who tried to create unrest by pushing Chinese schools and educationists to the brink as Education Minister is on the other side...........

Those events are still very vivid in my mind.

But most people are now practising selective memory. Or perhaps, they prefer to have the US and NATO as their Big Brother.

Cheers, Tony!

Anonymous said...

I suggest u go read this article published by people more learned than yourself.

Charis said...

Bro Tony! Are u writing anonymously also? I can see the pattern bro. Hehehe. Just correct me if I am wrong k.

karulann said...

But isn't xmom tweet was suppose to be private? And also I haven't seen any of her post trying to promote Bersih? I'm not taking side here, but I just felt that she was wrongly accuse of something that other people might have mistakenly understood.

Tony Yew said...

If you look at the comments, you will note that there are actually quite a few who seem to think that things are either black or white, right or wrong, good vs evil.

I supported change before 2008, and am glad that the opposition did actually make good headway. Unfortunately, those that I considered friends were adamant that its either with them or against them.

If you would like to leave comments please do, however do understand that every person has a tolerance level.

It matters not what you would like to call me, but when my message gets across,that matters to me.
Judging from the comments it looks to me that there are some who agree with my actions and most who don't.

Understand this. I am not looking for support. I am more interested in the authorities doing something to this 5xmom for incitement and with that tell those who seem to think that its ok for all these hate mongering to go on that it is NOT OK.

As for CHaris, non I don't so stuff like that.
When I do approve comments, its normally a few at one time. so perhaps the timeline is like that.