Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A date with MCMC

Update: Having been at the other end when a police complaint was made the last time my website was highlighting the matter of certain licensing matters, I now understand better how the system works. Today I had an appointment to meet an officer of the Multimedia & Communications Commission of Malaysia who was acting on a published article of my police report against 5xmom. That was supposed to take place at 2pm. It wasnt till 4pm that I finally met them. There, they explained why they needed to see me. I accepted their explanation and assisted the officer in matters pertaining to my earlier report. Its still early days yet. I guess I will have to do this a few more times. I wonder if the subject of my complaint will be required to do the same? The police report I made last week was one that I did with absolute belief that the authorities would investigate any attempt of incitement.

I have been receiving many calls both supporting as well as condemning my action.

Lets get this straight, its not about me, or me being a Catholic or Christian.

Its about what we as Malaysians must do to safeguard our country from extremists.

I gave 3hours of my life last week, and I will give another 3hours when I will be questioned and interviewed by the investigators at MCMC.

I will update my post after that.

Thank you for your messages both for and against.
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SSrahman said...

Hi Tew,
Why have you not made a Police report against the voilent statements by ibrahim ali?
No pay for that?

Anonymous said...

yah wonder how much you get paid for that..grow up boy, go and tackle the real issues, don't hide behind a woman's skirt

Sharifah said...

Dear Tony,
Take heart ... not everyone can be as mature and as rational as you about this matter. I support you. We love this country. Malaysia has given us, our forefathers and hopefully our future generations heaven on earth. Lets protect Malaysia with our minds, our hearts and with whatever resources we have. I wish you health, safety and prosperity.
Rgds, Sharifah.

Anonymous said...

To SS Rahman,

Why don't you instead of asking Tony to do it for you?

Anonymous said...

Tony make a report the issue he don't feel right..and if Srahman don't like what Ibrahim ali statement go and make your own report lah..

lallang exile said...


Bersih is on the NED list, see here:

Please publisize this - do Malaysians want the US interfering in our soil?

Remember, they are eyeing our rich oil reserves, the Spratlys, etc.

NED is condemned in the US for its hypocritical operations and interference in elections in foreign countries.

The snake oil king and Ambiga has yet to admit that they and bersih are receivers of NED funds.

Anonymous said...

@Lallang Exile,

If you believe everything in Wikipedia hook, line and sinker,I feel sorry for you. Don't you know it's an 'encyclopedia that anyone can edit'?

chincalok said...

Wah you are so graceful to give 3 hours of your life Mr Tony, but whatever said and done, and whathever your excuse, counter excuse, allegation, counter allegation, cover ups, made ups, etc, the real you is out liao. So go freshen up and wear that lovely little BN hat you have been wanting to wear, and do the lovely mating dance you have been trying so hard to suppress. You have been liberalised from your little cocoon of fakeness and NOW you can lead your life to the fullest. I am so happy to know the real you.

Anonymous said...

Calling another person terrorist is like branding all Moslems as terrorist also after 9/11.

In this case it was a call by a lady to march together for Bersih calling for free and fair elections among her Christian's friends. Her additional reasons given however were because of persecution and other issues related to Christianity.Was it wrong?
How many issues have arisen in Malaysia and how many are always related to Bangsa, Agama dan Negara when even a non related issue like murder and local council actions are linked. Can you imagine if everyone thinks like you and make police reports based on these Bangsa, Agama dan Negara stance.

As a christian, you are not obliged to follow her call since she was not a pastor nor an imam nor a priest.

You decided to take in into your own hands to call it as an incitement towards an uprising against the government?

So was that a political statement or a personal fear that other Christians will be easily swayed by such statements and hence you too need to come out to protect Agama, Bangsa and Negara?

How ironic that you don't make police reports everyday for such incitements whenever they arise.

Nobody needs you to save their souls. Go save your own first!

lallang exile said...

Anon 11.18

Go look at the official NED sites provided by the US govt yerself! It states clearly that Bersih in Malaysia is one of their recipients. And, don't lecture me about sites since I have used the internet before u were born! Wiki is more objective on political issues and facts than official spins.

But A & A has never dared to acknowledge the funding because they do not want Malaysians to know who is behind, pushing money thru them.

And, Ambiga's got some prize some years ago from clinton, right?

Must have got into her head that she might be the next PM to lead Malaysia with some bombing help from NATO et al.

Anonymous said...

" Its about what we as Malaysians must do to safeguard our country from extremists. "

So everyone who disagrees with you is an extremist?

You are a sick man.....

Tony Yew said...

anon 2:02am

and there lies the problem. its not 'anyone who disagrees with me'. who am I to imposr my thoughts?

I am certainly not an elected rep (which means I am not a representative of the people) and you have forgotten that this is my blog.

it represents mw and my toughts thru various timrs in my life.

I certainly dont claim to represent you (unlike your froends in Bersih) and I certainly did not forcw this on you.

Fact is I dont really care what you think.

But if you must, why dont you look at those who INCITE and not those who defend?

I for one detest the tone of one who works for thechief minister who choose to incite and the chief minister himself who choise to remain silent in a matter of the nations security.

I for one choose to stand up for my country and defend it against religious extremist no matter which side u stand for.

do, please ignore my posting as it represents me, not you.

do go to the blogs that make you feel good. I don't regret this.

Anonymous said...

tony, the lady was wrong to tweet like that. she should not bring religion into the picture. but what abt ibrahim ali when he made a threat against the chinese? didnt you feel that you should defend the country then? would your bosses rocky and bigdog get angry with you if you decide to defend us from ibrahim ali?

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that I am thoroughly disappointed in you. You are a real sell out. You have not only acted against a group of people but also against God.

Peverill said...

Somehow I know too many people like you. Fighting for what is right is one thing and letting things go is another. All I can say is as long as you feel you are all right then you can't care less what happens to others. Open your eyes and see what is becoming of Malaysia