Friday, June 10, 2011

PATI - Pendatang Asing Tanpa Izin

Each time I come across a group of foreigners, especially those who speak with a different twang (where Chinese are concern) I ask myself if the Malaysians who are employing them deserve to be called Malaysians?

I have had my brush with the law when two Indonesians with permits were working with me on a small house renovation project, but because they were permitted to work with the company tasked on a development, they weren't allowed to work in any other area, or for that matter different companies.

Back then, a local company hiring foreigners must show that their paid up company was above Rm1 million (or so I was told). I often wonder how many of these building contractors meet that requirement.

That is a different issue. 2 years back, I blogged about maids running away, and how my own maid (when I could afford 1) and another that was employed to look after my dying aunt, began to exhibit strange behaviour and making strange excuses that resulted in us buying them return tickets to Indonesia and never heard from them again. Of course, it was much later that we learnt that some of my mums jewelry took a walk too.

That got me to start a blog called 'runawaymaids'. Perhaps I may have started it out of anger and frustration, more so when a commenter had insisted that our family had lost 'the human touch'.
I am certainly not here to justify that, but I am sure that many of you know of friends that have had experienced their maid running away.

From official figures, I am to understand that there are at least 350,000 maids in our country. So if you can imagine that 50 percent of those had run away before, that would mean there are 175,000 of them out there doing god knows what.

Recently, there was a near riot when a Bangladeshi labourer made a pass at a Vietnamese woman in a textile factory, and that caused an uproar. Just imaging these many illegals out there that are keeping their countryman 'happy'! The point is there are just too many of them around, and if this little exercise of mine can create some sort of awareness, then this is my form of national service.

Also, as a reward, the first arrest and deportation of an identified illegal immigrant through this blog will be rewarded with RM500! Hows that??

So go to this link and post your comment, or if you already have pictures of your runaway maid, tell your story. Immigration might just be calling you next to tell you that they already have her in their custody!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

What is your take on Ibrahim Ali's statement threatening us? Appreciate your view on this.