Sunday, May 08, 2011

Wah! 'Spa' time? Jom ke Holiday Villa....

I missed this completely, possibly due to the fact that I was busily preparing the post event reports of the recently held 1st MARBC.

Today, reading my usual 'Blogs that Rock', Din Merican 'the DJ Blogger' apparently wrote about a friend of his which is MACC Chief Commissioner Dato' Abu Kassim and highlighted his visit to a 'wellness spa'.

Wow! Details please, but really, are we to believe that a person who highlights this did so without ill intentions?

I don't know Din well, in fact the only time I spoke to him was when I gave him a lift to his 'home' some years back after an event. I thought it was funny that he lived for many years in Holiday Villa (the hotel, not service apartment), but he gave me little details on why, and how he got there.

Little details like how he was condemned by TDM and cold storaged. How he was deprived of his position even though he was a pioneer in Proton. He spoke about how Anwar Ibrahim would be the only person to help revive Malaysia after the plunder of Malaysia by Tun and his cronies.

I stopped listening after that and asked casual questions like what is interesting in his time in Holiday Villa. I mean, what else can you take from a man who insist that he was a victim all along? No mention of Cambodia. Nilch.

Today Din is up there again, giving radio interviews on how his blog is keeping him busy and now, singing the praises of PM Najib. He has left Anwar (or so it is what I read into, off and on when he posts something credible), but I can tell you what he did not say.

Din recommends the Spa in Holiday Villa! Good service, or so I have been told, which is why his posting is all that more credible!!!?? Which number? I can't remember, you'll have to ask him.

The point is this, a spa visit is almost always akin to doing something no man would want to be caught doing. Whether it was an innocent visit or not depends on who reads into it.

So if Din Merican wants you to read into his posting and lets you in on what Abu Kassim was apparently doing in the Spa, its not the Spa he wants to promote (he only does that when he gets a lift home and his good gesture in return is to recommend you the girl that gave him the 'massage')!

for the record, I don't know Din Merican other than having a chat with him for more than 3hrs during the event. I can provide an SD if he insists on it, after all, RPK did say that Din was somewhat involved with his SD.

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