Monday, July 14, 2008

Sorry........ was once thought that it was the hardest word to say. But not here in Malaysia.
No. From Ministers to civil servants, sorry is definitely not the hardest word. 'Minta Maaf' is the local most often used word.
Try lining up to pay at JPJ, the counter will have a sign up 'minta maaf, sistem off line' or 'minta maaf, habis nombor'. Home Minister Syed Hamid said sorry for holding up traffic at the federal capital because 'Police Operations was in progress to maintain public security'. My ass!
'Ops Padam' was apparently commissioned to stop Anwar Ibrahim and his cohorts from mounting a protest, a non-event that Anwar himself denied even considering.
If the Police were so hell bent on stopping this protest, why not just call Anawr in for a questioning? With all the intelligence collected, why not 'invite' those responsible for a chat? (like what they did to Haris, on the candle light vigil held for ISA detainees, and RPK).
If you ask me, the way things are going on, especially with the Police, the government are trying to 'intimidate the rakyat'. I see it as 'if you attend this protest which MIGHT happen, I will put up more road blocks to deter you all', or 'if you even think of supporting this protest 'try sitting in your car for 1 hour to get to the city'!
Hello, MR Home Minister! Don't you know your actions of you and your goons are causing severe problems in what most other responsible governments call 'High Street Sales'?
It basically means people are staying indoors because of your idiotic 'public security procedures' and are causing less money to revolve around retailers? Which means there is a choking point which will in turn lead to rippling effects that will affect the economy?
I guess you did not learn that in Economics did you?
Also, try putting up more road blosks, and see if the Tourist will continue to come. Oh wait. You already have an excuse for that, simply just point to the 5 PR states, and say that they have been doing a bad job....not a bad idea, I must say.

But here is something I bet you did not think off. In all your haste trying to outdo that Anwar fellow, you have forgotten your responsibility. There are now more illegal immigrants running around Puchong and Nilai, and Banting, then you can think off! Also try Bukit Tinggi Klang, and ask your Policemen there how many illiegals they have rounded up? I bet you not much, seeing that they are now more interested in PKR Flags hoisters!

(It took me 20 minutes to get out of Subang and go to Ara Damansara, a journey which should have taken no more than 8 minutes! And my wife had to burn more fuel going to work today, no thanks to those goons in blue! BTW have they forgotten Nini?)



I totally hate the current politic.
Who is governing Malaysia?.
Macam zaman dharurat dulu 1948-61.

Hawkeye Jack said...

Aiii.. all my meetings were cancel as people were all caught in the traffic. They should have declared today a public holiday. Stupid buggers running the government and as usual we the rakyat have to suffer.

Anonymous said...

nini, who?

didnt the top cop said that they will eventually get the culprit(s) even if it takes aeon years.
put it this way, if you believe him you might as well believe there's father christmas. at least, you camn look forwad to carols and gifts.
BN? well, more roadblocks and jams in the name of national security!
by the way, these low lifes are very fond of the word national. remember NS program? In the name of national integration and they send children to deaths and hospitalisations while the cronies laugh all the way to the bank.
I better rest my case lest i may be charged for speculation.

muststopthis said...

And that is what we all need...a.k.a 1948 Hartal.
Lets just all take a holiday!
Yup, you , me, the bus driver, taxi driver, everyone, just stay home and spend a whole day at home with the family....!
Lets say September 12?