Thursday, July 24, 2008

Never Mind lah, since we bought it, might as well use it!

What the hell is wrong with Pak Lah? A policy is a policy, what do you need to discuss some more?
Mercedes Benz are not local made Proton Perdanas, PERIOD!
Sack the bugger who went against orders! And make them pay for it!
This is what we call leakages, Mr Prime Minister. And stop atanding around taking photos with Junior champions, you have a country to run (or have you forgotten already?)
This cockermamie BS has to stop! Why does every one of your goons in your government think that they can get away with this kind of wanton wastage of valuable resources?
Why do they need 'you to tell them' when there is already a standing order?
Next, the gardener will want you to tell hinm to sweep the garden before he start works....

The Star reported that the Mercs will be used after all.........Only in Malaysia, you can get away with this kind of BS!
And if you did not noticed, The Star saw it fit to take print a photo of a 'well used' Perdana.
Ohhhh..what Ahmad Said did not mention was they spent some more money to buy speacial number plates (like that Pahang fellow, if he can spend 50K, surely our 5K here and there won't matter....TAS 6666....with that many sixes, they can go to hell!)


anfield devotee said...

You bastard censored me ori comment on earlier post ah, bagger you!
Harumph, Muststopthis - new Tok Mat in making?

Anonymous said...


sure, its the worst of times to be showy. but, why STAR wants to massacre Ahmad. Remember, he is the one who thump the nose of Badawi. Payback time?

muststopthis said...

?? Harro! AD.....Did not censor mah? Didn't receive it I guess...try again bolehkah?

And today...TA DA.PM Says OK to change to merc! Wah, like that I oso want!

abROcadabRO said...

After all the brohoha, things would return to normal. That's Malaysia. Whatever it's the flip-flop PM will have to give in to Ahmad Said. Ahmad Said will have his way. The PM would not dare to go against the wishes of Ahmad Said, who used to have or still having the support of the royal household.

The flip-flop PM is ever-prepared to change policies to suit those in power. Do you think he dares to say No to Ahmad Said? Definitely not, especially now that he needs Ahmad's support.

Something is definitely not right. The maintenance cost for the TS12 (used by Idris Jusoh) between 2004 and 2008 was RM131,449 (if that is the correct figure, not RM235,123 as quoted earlier).

Where on earth you find the maintenance cost is so high. That equates to RM32,000 per year. Well, with ACA zooming in, nothing will come out if it. Definitely.

Again, after all the brohoha, things would return to normal. This is Malaysia, or the BN Govt, to be more accurate. Nothing would happens. Nobody would be charged. This is a foregone conclusion.

Trust me, nothing will happen. Can you imagine if that happens to the Pakatan states? I think it would come under heavy artillery from all the Cabinet ministers, plus that Ali "Syaitan" Rustam, Adnan, the chief gangster from Pahang, the ever foul-mouthed Bung Mokhtar, and everybody from the flip-flop PM's inner circles.

What a sad state of affairs!!!!!

muststopthis said...


Looks like you have been doing your homework. Its the policy of BN (I suppose) to transfer those who have flouted their policies (for example Imigration no1 & 2, transfer out...)
As for the cars, it just irks me to know (now , we have been told the cars were involved in minor mishaps..MINOR? How minor is minor to warrant those repairs? And thats not it, Proton reports that there were NO WARRANTY claims! 4 year old warranty, not claimed, yet repairs worth thousands?
WTF! Thats where the money goes!

Anonymous said...

It does not take a mathematician to figure out that the maintenance cost are total suspect. Somewhere someone has pocketed lots of maintenance money to say the least. Damn ACA cannot come out with any shit on this case, they are too stupid to do any investigating, all they have time for is to interrogate Anwar regarding IGP and AG and Saifool which will come to nothing as usual. I have my full respect for the Sultan of Terengganu, I wonder if he now has any regrets supporting this MB ASSHOLE. Bloody Badawi has no guts to fire this MB because his BN government needs them more than they need him. He is accepting open rebellion, it must be shit on his face but he will now accept to be spit on...pttiuiii to PM. what a pig we have for a PM, thanks to friking Mahatir.

bayi said...

That's the problem with Pak Lah. When the Terengganu went against the Federal policy to purchase the Mercedes Benz units, everyone looked to Pak Lah to see if this Said guy was going to get away with it. Was there any doubt at all that he was going to get away with it???

Does Said understand what an austerity drive is? Even if the gearbox is a problem with the Perdana, does it cause that much to upkeep a Perdana that it justifies a Mercedes Benz? I doubt it. Having owned a Perdana before with gearbox problems qualifies me to say this.

More importantly, does this Said guy understand anything about the alignment of values? When the whole country is in an austerity-drive mode, he breaks the norm and blatantly tells us the Mercedes is cheaper in the long run. Hello....there are many more expensive things that can be "cheaper" in the long run. And there is our PM who won't crack the whip on dissidents within his own party. He accommodates them, much to the chargin of the rakyat. Did this Said fella offer to support the PM in return?

And at the final count, who loses? We, the long-suffering rakyat. As usual. And always.

What a sham!

Anonymous said...

Badawi is the most stupid PM Malaysia ever had, many thanks to Mahatir. But we are going to get even worst, corrupt and criminally implicated. So since we have Badawi we will have to live with him, then again we have to live with a mongolian bomber, are Malaysian so damn vain that they have to put up with one idiot and another ?? I think all MPs ahould be driving Mercedes just as those in Terengganu, thats equality agreed ! Pah Lah ?? If you are little more stupid than this we will have to build you a cuckoo house you stupid brain dead PM.
And what does the stupid DPM will have us believe that the Mercedes are going to be used for visitors, come on Najib, you think we are going to believe another lie from you ???Have some respect for people who put you there, don't just keeping thinking you can lie forever and we will believe your shits. We believe RPK more than your words, hopefully your father is not turning in his grave having a liar like you for a son.
The two stooges

muststopthis said...

Bayi, 2 stooges, and anon
Thanks for dropping in.
I can't get over this, in fact the MSM, especially star and NST has been trying to paint the picture ala BN.

And there was this NST guy who was shooting off about PR's Perak state claiming that they did a lot to bring in some Petroleum based investors...

Every wwhich way you look, the media is being used to psyche the voters again!
And yet a simple policy of using National made cars cannot be imposed on their own BN run states.
Whats worst? Sarawak has come out to say that in their states, nos uch problems as most of the State cabinet members uses BMWs and Mercs! and the Chief Minister uses a Rolls Royce!
Freaking A! These Bastards has been looting the country in broad daylight (not that we did not suspect it already!)

Shhhessh! So much for reformed ACA....!!!

Michelle said...


Glad to find that there's someone who also thinks that a policy is a policy, and should be followed.

But this whole thing has turned into a circus. Keep the Mercs, but used only by foreign dignitaries. HAH! Ridiculous. Somemore need to discuss in Cabinet about what to do with the cars. Got nothing better to discuss issit?

And what you said about the S'wak state govt, even worse. Read about it earlier in Tehsin's blog. Crazy buggers.

And seriously, these issues are actually very very small issues. They shouldn't be made into such a big mess.

Malaysian Joe said...

1mil+ to maintain 14 PV6 over 4 years and probably 1.5mil+ to buy it.

Despite all the astronomically high fees charged (obviously somebody is making some money.. but not a whole lot) This total up for probably 2.7mil at most (for 4 years!).... And these folks tell us that buying Merc E200 at 3.5mil is cheaper...