Wednesday, April 02, 2008

KJPP....we are moving

Most people would have gotten over the 'Tsunami' effect of the recent elections, and would have got back to their 'usual' self, I suppose. But not this group. One person rallied and has been working on the Kelana Jaya People's Parliament. He is Wong PY. There is also one other Kelana Jaya meet the MP initiative, but the KJPP is something different. Its the coming together of like minded citizens, or call it civil society, if you will.
Here, we talked about the local issues, about what every Ahmad, Raju and Wong can do for his / her community. Last night, we did just that, came together to brainstorm and work within our community to straighten things. Here, plain citizens are empowering themselves to take the battle forward, the battle to right the many wrongs of our municipality. Member of Parliament of Kota Raja, Dr Siti Mariah of PAS joined us too. She wanted to see for herself what others could do for her constituents too. She did not have that much time to spare, but she took with her many positives on what she can do for her Kota Raja constituency.
At a time, when others are trying to find out why they could not make headway, we are finding out how we can contribute to the betterment of our own community. No Chinese, Malays or Indians. everyone came together as concerned citizens to improve our quality of life, something the municipal council had forgotten along the way.
Development it seems is the price we pay, according to the officers. Development it is, but over development. Not enough Parks, not enough rides, not enough public facilities, too much commercial development, so much so that there are rows of unkempt commercial properties in SS15 alone!
KJPP has kiced off their second meeting, and now they have appointed between themselves keepers of issues rlevant to their interest. Civil society is engaging the council, and elected representatives. If I understood it correctly, we will see more people participating and keeping vigilant on the council that has been so wantonly irresponsible in the past.
The rakyat has woken up, here in Kelana Jaya, what about your community?

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tony, as an ex-resident of 32 years, can or not I sit in next and bring along a new resident.....this guy got punch and the crispy notes.