Monday, April 21, 2008

City Council Shafts local citizenry!

A blogger friend of mine said this to me once “Your postings are good but it doesn’t really rock the government”. Its true, after all this blog started out with the intention to show its readers the kind of injustice and discriminatory practices an airline in Malaysia shafted its own dished out to its staff. And as it would have played out, that airline stopped this blogger from saying anything more. ( but do visit regularly once the Industrial court comes out with its verdict some time in July). I am sure you will be able to read and compare the kind that I will be posting about.

For now, I have to contend with stories like these, and hope that you as the reader will see what most people have to put up with. I was alerted by a reader a week ago, and thanks to the Star Metro for pointing this out. The MBPJ (Petaling Jaya City Council) has saw it fit to restrict a public playing field that used to be accessible to citizens of the municipality to its own use for staff and families of the council! As it stands, there is already a shortage of playing fields and with a school teacher citing this for the fact that their students use this field for training, what other reasons can they raise to protest this move by the city council?

I have seen competitions being hosted in this field, paintball competitions, and even 7 a side football matches, not to mention a boring local football league match. Do they have this right? I don’t think so, but I have yet to look through the by-laws of this council. YB Petaling Selatan should look into this as well as the assemblyman.

I know I will be really pissed off if this happened in my neighbourhood, and I am also sure you will be too….will you?


anfield devotee said...

You know, maybe the local citizens should just wait fer the MPBJ fookers to show up at their "exclusive" field & fooking ambush em with some baseball bats.

Violence not the answer?
Well, after you've had numerous dealings with MBPJ, me begs to differ . . . (*geram*)

ps: This posting is NO way advocates the use of force or vioence on innocent civilians. Its just venting on me part . . . (ahem, legally-covering me butt hole).

Anonymous said...


I know which school too coz its my son's 51A area...

TimTim said...

While the government encourages the public to stay healthy and live healthy, it looks like it's all talk and no action. they can try to ban fast food advertising thinking that obesity is solely the fault of the industry. however, let's look at it all... as have been highlighted, mbpj closes the field behind A&W for the exclusivity of it's own staff, while other fields such as Taman Sri Gombak phase 6 is tagged for another development... where will family have a place where they can run around, play games and exercise in a clean and safe environment? why use taxpayers' money for just the selected few? The mentioned MBPJ ground behind A&W was used to groom athletes, where I too once used to train there for MSSS meets. The council should consider all these factors prior to such selfish decisions.

Chooi Han said...

It consoles me that it is not only my community in Phase 6, Tmn Sri Gombak that is facing the problem of having their own field taken away from right under their nose