Friday, April 25, 2008

Boss, now that you are no longer boss, who gets the money?

Tsk Tsk Tsk….public funds , My Money,BN Government’s Money,My Government’s Money , OK, money that’s collected from the tax payer’s! Phew! How can you describe the money then? Come on, go ahead!

It seems those people in power (before the 8th of March, that is) do not know the difference between State government owned money and Federal owned money! Err, I am no expert, but having confirmed this with someone in the know, I was made to understand that State coffers means State managed monies! If there is a deficit budget, then they try to get more from the Federal Government. (just like your children get monies for their own use, and if they have used up all theirs then, mama and papa just have to cough out more!)

But how about monies, donated (on what grounds, we certainly will never know, OSA mah) to a certain organization for welfare and charitable use (if this body did use the money for these noble purposes, how then did they end up with RM10 million???)? read here Not yours, and here gone in a matter of days....

Does it mean that if the person who sits as the Chair of that body has the right to amend the body’s constitution in order for that person to remain incharge of that fund???
I did not know that being loyalist to political parties would have different means of dispensing monies to charities!

So, not being privy to much information about where, who, why, how, I picked this up from the Sun, and shook my head in disgust, at the attitudes of these disgusting wives of the Association of Wives of Assemblymen and Parliament members of Selangor!

My questions are as follows:

1.On what grounds did PKNS part their money to the tune of half a million to this association?

2.If this association was to do welfare work for charity, (and from the way they are behaving) have they been only dispensing help to BN supporters?

3.If this association was for the wives of State Assemblymen and Parliament members, when Parliament was dissolved, then why was a meeting not convened earlier before the elections?

4.The chair of the association would have been assumed to have held on to the reigns of the association for too long, won’t that be?

So many questions, and no answers! More and more shit dirt are coming out to the open. And yet, the BN led government can still attest to their leadership by example. Wasn’t it some months back that the EC chief said that only BN can govern this country?

What’s your take?

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bayi said...

I don't know my take because it seems like the ex-MB and his wife had taken it all!