Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Silver State (PERAK)

It was reported at 4.20pm in Malaysiakini that the swearing in ceremony of the Perak State Menteri Besar as well as State Executive Councilors will be postponed.
Given what transpired yesterday coupled by the statements issued by DAP, and PKR, it can well mean that there are some undercurrents that remain unsolved.

Nathaniel Tan provides the insights of PKR.
But what if the postponement was due to the Sultan having come down with a bout of influenza?
Just what if? The statement issued by the Palace was that the ceremony was potponed, issued at 4.20pm.
So before we jump to any conclusion, let's just wait and see......


U.Lee said...

Hi Tony, many thanks for popping over my place. How you found me? Yellow pages? Ha ha.
Having been in Canada 22 years as well a proud Canadian, I have lost touch with Malaysian politics long time.
But was surprised, shocked more likely, to hear KL, Selangor, Penang, Perak and Kedah gone over to Opposition?
Holy Smoke! To think KL during my time, the only seat the Opposition could have a guranteed win was Bukit Bintang and Mr Lee Lam Thye the strong guy.
And Penang? Kedah? The hometown of Mahatir and Tunku Abdul Rahman?
There sure must be a lot of unhappy people in Malaysia, I guess.
Oh well, here we more concerned re the US elections as we are next to a giant, our population of 31 million VS US 328 anytime a US President starts coughing, we catch a cold, ha ha.
Anyway, appreciate your visit, you keep well Tony, and have a nice day. Best regards, Lee.

zewt said...

that is a co-incidence that i find it hard to believe.

muststopthis said...

Hi Zewt, Still in 0 GMT land?
As for the news, the problem is the MSM is still spinning!

U Lee,
visited you through Tok Mommy's....
We are part of the Tuesday 'fill her up' gang!!