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PJ Selatan,USJ3A and Segambut Ceramah - 6th March 2008

We pushed off to PJ Selatan, as soon as Haris arrived from Bentong.
Arriving at the Section 5/44 open field area (opposite Kavithas) the local DAP representatives were already half way through their opening. Johnson Chong, a lawyer and PKR campaign advisor, took over and addressed the 200 strong crowd on why there is a need for change.
He highlighted the fuel hike rally in KLCC, in which 1300 police personnel were used to control a crowd of 300. The arrest of 56 protesters ensued, including the wanton arrest of shoppers, a pregnant woman and other people.
It has come to this stage, the Police being told to use force against marchers, and protesters. The voice of democracy in Malaysia has been reduced to this. No platform (No permits were provided for Bersih, The Human Rights March, The Hindraf March, and the Roses March), no forum for those who demand to be heard. Why there were no arrest in the UMNO Youth protest (against Condoleeza Rice visit to Malaysia) clearly shows the highhandedness of the authorities when it comes to Human rights. Johnson knows what he is talking about as he was one of those who was taken in following that protest. Fact is they try to scare us. Don't believe me? This is my third encounter with Special Branch officers in Opposition Rallies. Here, take a look.

IN PJ Selatan, the Police are our friends? Do they protect us or intimidate us?
In Bagan Dalam, Taman Mewah, they were there. I later spoke to the officer (background) and had to negotiate in order for me to keep my camera and photographs (look at previous post)

Haris took to the stage after Johnson, and he spoke at length why PJ Selatan needs to vote Edward & Hee in. Donald Lim has failed the people of PJ Selatan! He also touched on the state of security in our country, the need for the IPCMC, and the continued Islamisation of Malaysia and this was brought to the attention of the MP. Donald Lim in the first meeting with the PJ Selatan meet your MP initiative of People's Parliament mentioned that it was not easy for the MP to speak for the people as he was busy attending to municipality issues for his constituency, adding further that though it was not the job of the MP, he still did it. Preferring to do the job that he was not tasked to do instead of speaking out in Parliament against the Rashid Bill is the kind of things that Donald Lim WANTS to do for the People of PJ Selatan. How clearer does it get for the constituents to know that Barisan MPs do not speak for the people? The People's Parliament initiatives set out to engage their MPs and they did just that. Evidently from their efforts, Barisan MPs have demonstrated consistently that the Party comes first before the people!
Haris wrapped up soon after and reiterated his call for the people of PJ Selatan to wake up and vote conscientiously.

And then we left for USJ3A. The Kelana Jaya MP and Subang Jaya DUN seats.
We arrived to see a crowd of about 800 people in what can only be described as a feeble attempt to build a basketball court. The kind of facilities built by the local council for the rakyat is a shame!
Earlier Irene Fernandez spoke. Highlighting that the basic need of water is the right of all citizens, and assured those present that DAP will continue to fight for the people to ensure that there shall be no privatisation of water rights.
As did Hannah Tan. Overheard in the MCA Candidate's ceramah, it was said that if Subangites vote Hannah, and DAP, there shall be no more development in Subang. "We do not need money for development in Subang. We are already over developed!" To thundering response from the 800 odd people gathered there!
Hannah also pledge her assurance, when elected will ensure that the Municipal Council of Subang Jaya be held accountable to the rakyat! Subang does not need any more development. We need accountability and improvement to the quality of life. To that effect, Hannah also reassured that she will deliver on her role as an elected representative, and ensure that all municipality matters are delivered by the council. The role of the elected representative is to speak for the people, not just solving municipal problems.
She made so much sense. The trouble is, will this 800 people who attended the ceramah last night go home and sleep on it, or will they carry the news to the other voters who could not make it? It shall remain to be seen.
Haris made it simple and straight to the point. He reasserted why the people of Subang and Kelana Jaya need to vote for Hannah and Gwo Burne. Hannah and Gwo Burne do not speak for the party. The speak for the people. After engaging Gwo Burne, Haris is determined that this young man will go the length to speak for his constituents. Gwo Burne has agreed that Parliamentarians need a watchdog. He spoke of the need for MPs to represent the people without fear or favour.
We left USJ3A at about 10.30pm and headed straight for Segambut Bahagia. This Kampung is part of the Segambut constituency. Arriving there at about 3 mins before 11pm, we noticed a small crowd. That did not matter, as Haris proceeded straight to the speakers stand. Stella, was there to make a quick introduction.
(please come back for part of Haris's speech. Its being uploaded to youtube)
Seeing the response from this crowd, I am convinced that the poor has been systematically marginalised by the government. Those that were there was looking desperately for true representation. You can sense that all they want is a better life. Something the Barisan Nasional has promised them but had yet to deliver.

Haris Ibrahim - PKR Ceramah USJ 3A from John Tan on Vimeo.

This video is thanks to John Tan.


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