Saturday, March 08, 2008

One last day of rallies....Subang Jaya & SS2

And so the day of reckoning is just hours away.
Is this the real deal? The winds of change has blown, hopefully, and tomorrow, we can all look forward to claim back our country from thieving politicians!
But before that, we ahve to make one more round of rallies.
In Section 17, Bernard Khoo a.k.a Zorro was about to take the stage to urge PJ Selatan constituents to vote Hee & Edward in. But we had to take leave, having a reporter from Radio France International with us, we moved on to the Subang Jaya / Kelana Jaya constituency where Haris was to speak for Hannah Tan one more time. She had hoped that this being the final day of rallies, that Haris would be able to spend some time wrapping up for her constituents.
Teng Chang Kim had just taken over from Loh Gwo Burne when we settled in. Teng wasted no time and reminded the people not to believe that Lee Hwa Beng was responsible for the NPE highway, as well as Kesas, which was both built during Lee's tenure as the State Assemblyman (MCA candidate) in the previous government. Lee had earlier laid claim to be the one responsible for getting the approval for these infrastructures. Teng reminded that the projects were approved at Federal level and not in the State level. This expose gave the crowd something to cheer. Teng also used the analogy of Cat and mouse, for sending Parliament hopefuls from DAP, in the house. He likened the cats to DAP MPs, and the mouse BN MPs. he descriobed that DAP MPs try their best to weed out corrupt politicians, and DAP needed more cats in the house!

In steady drizzle, the crowd of about 2 thousand stayed unfazed despite the constant irritation.
Soggy and muddy grounds surely did not deter them. They demanded more as Teng wrapped up, and made way for Haris. Haris took over, and dished this out.

(Pease return later to see the full video of Haris's speech)

We left in a hurry after Haris's wrap up, and made our way to SS2 where he was slotted in to conclude for Tony Pua. On our arrival, Tony was highlighting the case of the mysteriously approved, then 'unapproved' 33 storey tower block in Damansara Jaya (on the current Atria building). This clearly unwanted development is the very example of what Tony hopes to bring about when elected to office. He wants to be the voice of the people! A loud cheer came from the crowd, as he elaborated on the scheme of things with the MBPJ council.
Gobind Singh arrived soon after and took over from Tony, and his please were no different from the others. The crowd too gave their vocal support, and responded positively to his call for change!
Haris in his wrap, reminded the people of PJ Utara to stay focussed and strong, as well as vigilant on the possibilities of phantom voters. His impassioned plea to the people to lay claim to their constitutional right to vote drew loud applause and cheers! He finished of by reminding the rakyat that the power lies in the hands of the voters, the people, the boss!
Hidup Rakyat! Hidup Rakyat! Hidup Rakyat!

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Vote opposition said...

Well, my fellow countrymen & Sabahans

The Time is NOW!

Stick it to them & Musa Aman!


It's my country and yours and we want it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't succumb to BN Blackmail.

It's a small step for you, but it sure is a GIANT STEP for Sabah & Malaysia!

REMEMBER: those who compliment "Aman Crap" are the ones who will benefit through government projects.

Ask yourself this: What's in it for you?

Unshackle yourself from 50 years of BN Enslavement- Emancipation Now!!!!!!!!!

Cast your vote TODAY to reclaim the ownership of your country!

U gotta help yourself before others can help U


Go forth Malaysians & Sabahans- matching towards a better, harmonious and brighter future for you and and your chilldren!

I salute you all, brave pioneers of a new Malaysia!