Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blogger Ooi Chuan Ann.....we prefer to call him Jeff Ooi

Why in the hell would one newspaper name him Ooi Chuan Ann, is anyone's guess. Most people, in fact, almost all would refer to him as Jeff Ooi. We bloggers simply call him Jeff. We have been walking with Jeff and Rocky since they were named in a suit by a major newspaper some time ago (almost 2 years!).
Jeff who used to maintain a column in a popular Business daily for technology has since long been maintaining 'Screenshots'. His other blog 'Jeff4Malaysia'is dedicated to issues pertaining to the governance of Malaysia by the present day government. He needs no introduction really, and seeing him again since some weeks back, has renewed my believe that today's technology is helping to empower each and every individual. The news 'blackout' imposed by the MSM is no longer a threat to us. Take todays News Straits Times for example, 'Expansive' vs 'Expensive'. How you view it is entirely up to you, but courtesy to this MSM, they are helping you view the two manifestos, of BN and DAP the way they want you to see it. A Singapore Paper also carried this news today.

(The Video above may appear to be distorted due to the video conversion from.avi to .flv by youtube.)
Rocky, Bernard Khoo and I wouldn't have given it another thought to show up in Penang, and showed up we did. No fancy stuff (as expected when any parties from the opposition were to host an event), and it was Jeff himself who organised the Press Conference. Launching his first book, 'I-Witness', albeit with a sore throat and raspy voice, Jeff had to make the arrangements based on his shoe string budget. I volunteered to help him with the introduction, and he took it from there. Attended mainly by members of the press and some supporters (even a veteran DAP supporter from the 1969 elections, stand up 'Moon'!) Jeff explained his need to launch the book in view of the near non existence push for K-Economy from the government. REFSA, the publishers of the book, pointed out the decline of Penang Island as a Port. From near equal, if not leaders in its time to 'far left behind' status when compared to Singapore and Hong Kong. The book is aimed at providing its readers an insight into the vision and thoughts of Jeff since writing on ICT issues for the business daily. Proceeds from the sale of this book will go toward his campaign fund. Copies can be obtained from the Blog House (please contact this writer via email muststopthis.comments@gmail.com for arrangements).

(The Video above may appear to be distorted due to the video conversion from.avi to .flv by youtube.)
Perhaps the not surprising news that Malaysians from all walks of life who contributed to his appeal was timely. Jeff collected a total of RM65 thousand since launching his appeal for funds some 10 days ago. Through kind contributions from members, as well as from Prominent Lawyer Haris Ibrahim and his popular following (The People's Parliament), Bernard Khoo and Rocky presented a total of RM3,000.00 in the form of three 'red packets' to Jeff. The event drew to a close around 12.30pm, and the Parliament hopeful got going to a meeting with Party stalwarts soon after. If you are not in this constituency and would like to help your candidate, please check with the candidates personally (for example Chegu Badrul, who is contesting the Rembau Parliamentary seat against the SIL of PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has only managed to raise RM4,000.00 since launching his appeal 4 days ago. He started off humbly with the 10k that PKR set him off with.
Do what you feel is the right thing.
I know, I did, and so does my family.

(please return tomorrow to see Jeff's launching video)
You may also see Rocky's take here.

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