Thursday, February 28, 2008

Barisan Rakyat. Haris speaks.

(Please click here to access Tony Pua's blog which features Malaysiakini's video on Haris speaking at the SS2 Ceramah)

That was the turn out at the SS2, PJ Utara ceramah by DAP. In the meantime MCA also held theirs, with Chew Mei Fun speaking. For once the papers reported the truth, there were about 50 people in the MCA Ceramah. Meera Samanther of WAO was there to ask Chew Mei Fun on the outstanding issues that the Ministry of Women's affairs were still sitting on.
I personally have a question for Chew Mei Fun. A person in high office in the Ministry of Women's Affairs. What did you do to protect women's rights here in Malaysia? have you ratified the CEDAW, even though Malaysia was a signatory to it? Mdm Chew (no YB from me yet), stop pussyfooting around and do your job! And let's not try to fish for sympathy votes. I am sorry you had to endure the pain that you experienced in that nasty road accident (which by the way, you should ask Samy Vellu why and where he faulted in the construction of that highway, which incidentally is the one of many that he has screwed up!)

People, we have to wake up! Thanks Haris for spending your time to educate us!

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