Wednesday, October 10, 2007


How many of us ponder this? Its key word, SOLID.defined by dict.die as Union or consolidation of Interest and responsibility; fellowship; community.

Dr Chee Soo Juan, of the Singapore Democratic Party, stood in solidarity with the monks from Myanmar in his homestate. He was later arrested. Now, I am sure there are laws in Singapore which he has broken, for example, staging a protest, and collecting signatures for his protest of the Junta in the way they cracked down on the monks, but to arrest him because he stood his ground and supported the pro democracy protest by the monks? I salute this man for he also shared some very important values with his children (Chee's children also helped collected signatures). Thats in Singapore.

Back home, the march from Palace of Justice to Prime Minister Badawi's office went on smoothly. Come November 10th there is a call to gather and support a move to hand over a petition, yet again to His Majesty the King. But how many Malaysians who gripe and whine will stand in solidarity with the rest of us who has decide to stand up and be counted?
If its anything to show, the willingness of Malaysians who signed up for the People's Parliament petition, indicates that the 'fear factor' may be subsiding. If that is the case, I do hope to see more of you at the Dataran.
Remember SOLID is the key word in SOLIDARITY.


anfield devotee said...

Do you know what you are up against? Think back 7-8 years & what YOU were like, multiply by 5 million (ie number unregistered voters) & you kinda get the picture.

Kinda overwhelming ain't it, trying to convince all those people who had the same outlook on life as you once did . . . STUBBORNLY so.

Good luck with next march. Will endeavour to be there as I missed Putrajaya march (I was in hospital la). . .

muststopthis said...

ha ha. Look at it this way, if I can change, it will be easier to change te others!

ahiruDin aTTan said...

see you there!

shar101 said...

Hmmmm...that's about two Ks, right?

Should be a walk in the park compared to the Penguin thingy.

Let's make 'Tipping point' a reality, bro.

Nov 10th, it is then.

P.S. Will bring brolly and extra clothing, just in case if it 'rains' in a different way.

alliedmartster said...

Good to bring an extra set of clothes, and hmmm.....gas mask? need for thongs!

ewoon said...

Right in the middle of the word i also see "i dare" and that's what count. Beats just talking that's for sure.

alliedmartster said...


sure thing. Hopefully, right minded Malaysians can see that it is their right to petition the King.
If the King does not hear his citizens, that is another thing altogether.

zorro said...

You bet I will be there....and WALKING TALL IN MY CROC!