Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sept 5th. walk with us (and Rocky too)

Sept 5th. some time back, I informed that Audra's case was postponed to the 5th of Sept.
The time has come, 4 more days, and we have already been told to prepare to lose.
What will you do if you were in our shoes?
Fortunately, we have friends who are in the know of the law.
So, we shall wait for the finding, if its ok for a GLC to terminate some of thier pregnant employees
or not. Two have failed, and yet the third has not given up hope.
Whichever way it goes, I hope women who fly with this carrier will remember this rights violation.


ghostline said...

Bro, can't be there in KL this time, but am behind you and Audra all the way. Those are ridiculous grounds for dismissal.

Best wishes to you and Audra.

Walking with you in spirit.

alliedmartster said...

thanks for the support. Rocky is also having a mention on the same day! We all have our battles!
Will keep you infmd of the next step for PELITAR!


thanks for the reminder bro! and all the best to both of you.

shar101 said...


Gotta walk with dad for his IJN check-up on that day.

But I'll see ya on Monday for the 'P' and 'AB' thingy at NPC.

And bro, thanks for what you did last night after the reception. Muchos gracias.

Chin up the both of you. Yeah, Rocky too.

cherwith said...

I'm bck at Pg...can't be there but my support goes all out to you.......good luck to you and audra....b strong k..

alliedmartster said...

thanks y'all. This means a great thing to us, especially Audra. Lets hope for the best!

edengarden said...

As ridiculous as it sounds, why would one sign the contract and make a career out of the Company.

The policy is a clear violation of personal rights and which was clearly stipulated at the start of the employment.

I cant understand why would one agree with the contents of the contract and subsequently sue the Company for same(unless I m missing something here)

muststopthis said...

in the garden of eden, a contract was offered to adam and eve by the serpent. Being told that it was wrong, they still proceeded to sample the forbidden fruit.
As for MAS to offer a rights violating contract, is-is then justified that it is law abiding if both parties adhered to it?

Unfortunately, I am only allowed to share my views and nothing else (I do not intend to spend 1 night in jail for contempt) but do visit here in the evening of the 5th, I am quite certain by then, we would have lost and I can finally tell all. . . . .

SK said...

Bro, currently overseas but you definitely have my support on this!

A Voice said...

Where is the place?

In case, if I can't make it. It looks like an uphill task but if you have the stamina to go all the way, it would be a great fight for gender equality in the workplace.

THis is especially so when Najib is considerign for a 5 month maternity leave as in to be more female friendly.

All the best.