Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Malaysian Bar Council walked their talk. Will you lend your support?

85 people signed up this morning. Are you going to claim back your Judiciary?

UPDATE: 7th October 2007. Talk about divine intervention. Before I could even raise the topic of online petition for this save the judiciary campaign to the Priest in my church, he highlighted the importance of having faith in one's actions. He cited the example of lawyers who marched in order to hand over e memorandum to the Prime Minister. He cited the march by the monks in Myanmar, on the belief (the Monks) they had in their own faith which empowered themselves to take up against the oppression and injustice by the Junta. We are blessed in Malaysia that our lawyers were not treated the same way like their counterparts did in Pakistan. We must not give an inch to corruption and injustice. Truth and the right thing MUST prevail. Surely, His Majesty the Agung must know that his rakyat needs his intervention! These people cared enough to sign up for the petition. All they had to know that there must be solidarity when injustice is outplayed.
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I was overwhelmed by the support and the show of unity by the Malaysian Bar council yesterday. The mainstream media were told to downplay this march. And for those who have no access to the internet will not know the response as well as the support the MBC received!
After doing my rounds, blog to blog, I am more than convinced that we want change.
Heck, I will even go as far as to demand it. But to do that we have to remember our boundaries.
I did receive a number of emails in support of the memorandum by the Bar, for which I am greatful of your support, but what about the rest of you?

You see. When I started this blog, it set out for one purpose, since then, I have had to give it a somewhat change of direction. My mum gave me advise to stop blogging 'against' the authority.
What she does not know, is that I am blogging in support of the authority. They promised us a lot, and I am merely helping highlight their shortfall (if at all they read my blog!), I don't see myself as anti Government, or for that matter, anti Malaysia. I love this country of ours, I don't necessarily love our government, but I do support them when they do the right things. The 3 man independent inquiry panel set up is one of them. Its a step towards the right direction.

So what can you and I do in the meantime? Let's analyse yesterdays march shall we?
1. They identified themselves (We are the Malaysian Bar)
2. They were responsible (no provocation and no irresponsible banners!)
3. They did not hide behind the veil of anonymity

So I am urging you, to ask yourself this very question. Why are you then hiding?
Come out and show your support, and put your foot down. Tell our servants (aren't they Government servants, and the Government, elected by the people?) that we have had enough of their dancing around. Read this petition which is very real, and very telling of the state of one of Malaysia's problems.
Malaysia today had a great response to their request (anonymity was guaranteed)
People's Parliament has no intentions to hide anymore. They are very real. They are very sure that they have your support. Its time to show up, and speak up.
If you agree and want to do your part, just email along with your name and IC number. This petition will go to the Agung. We'll be sure he knows that the rakyat has spoken!


F.O.N @ frostee said...

Done signing both. Something must be done to stop this rot!

A Voice said...

You'd probably like to take a peek in this posting of mine which I touched base on your plight - Do Right, Not Just Do Justice!

I support right and not just justice!

anfield devotee said...

heed yer mum's advice . . . you just have an "opposition mentality" la you . . . sound familar?