Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Justice! We want Justice!

UPDATE: 26 September 2007
'When Lawyers walk, there is something wrong' Ambiga S, President of the Malaysian BAR Council said to great applause from the 3000 odd people gathered at the steps of the Palace of Justice, in Putrajaya. The gathering was organised by the Bar council, to show that the Legal profession is greatly disturbed by the state of affairs in their profession. This is especially so , with the emergence of a video which implicated the current Chief Justice, on the apparent appointment of certain individuals to the judiciary. The march from Palace of Justice to the Prime Ministers office was about 1.5kms in distance, and it took the crowd some 20mins to reach reach the office of the PM. What was more worrying was the presence of the Police force in big numbers, ranging from the Special Branch (and their high tech cameras) as well as the Federal Reserve Unit (Crowd control and dispersal, along with their water cannons and tear gas equipment) , K9 units, Air Wing, Patrol cars as well as Highway Patrol! We couldn't have felt 'safer'!
Credit to the Police for not aggravating the marchers, but one blogger did overhear a senior officer speaking loudly to his colleagues that it was okay to open fire (tembak!) as the gathering was illegal. This I am not sure, but what I am certain is that when Lawyers walk, we have no fear! It poured some 10 minutes after we arrived at the PM's office, after the delegation of Committee members of the BAR were allowed in. The rest of us, well we just soaked up the rain. The persistence of the organisers were more evident when they stood soaked to thier skin urging on the crowd with chants 'we are the Malaysian Bar', 'We want justice', 'Siasat, siasat'.
30 minutes under the rain was enough for me, when the delegation came out and provided to brief the crowd. The crowd dispersed without any untoward incident, and that itself was a good thing! The forming of a panel to make an official investigation by the Government is timely, but the question remains, why does it take so long? And what does the government hope to do by coming out in full force, and stopping the entourage of 7 buses to deliver the marchers?
Kudos, to those in the bus, it was a 5km walk that was worth it!
I will walk with you. (so will All-Blogs)

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(Original posting)
Its not easy, wanting justice. Audra and I want that, and we are leaving it to the good hands of the Industrial Court chairwoman who heard her case on Sept 5th 2007.

Recently, a video surfaced, providing information that there are indeed unseen hands 'steering' the judiciary. As citizens, we should demand a thorough investigation. Something that we have been denied long enough. So what can we do to make ourselves heard?

1. On 26/9/2007, at 11.00 a.m., lawyers will march from the Palace of Justice to the PM’s office in Putrajaya to submit a memorandum to the cabinet calling for the setting up of a Royal Commission to investigate the rot that has set into the judiciary since 1988.

2.The People’s Parliament will be launching a petition to His Majesty the Yang Dipertuan Agung to urge His Royal Highness to take all steps to clean up the judiciary and to return this constitutional institution back to the rakyat.

Read Here for more from Haris Ibrahim. People's Parliament has already convinced a certain member of Parliament to commit by writing. What she does next is anyone's guess.

See you there?


Bernard said... this moment its actually the Palace Of (IN)Justice. Doris & I will be there & have posted a message to Fer Fook's Sake asking if he'll join us since we can pick him up on the way. Its gonna be hot as we have to put on our jackets for the march. Mebbe can go foa cold one after that??!! So we'll see you there?

F.O.N @ frostee said...

I hope that someone up there listens rather than making all sorts of excuses in NOT doing anything.

This makes me sick to the core.

alliedmartster said...

Yes lah! Will be there..most likely, I will take the chartered bus too....
Call you when I am there!

alliedmartster said...

There you go. How can an innocent man stay his plead of innocence?
I simply cannot accept that!
Check the phone records of Lingam!
We will know for sure who he called!

elviza said...

My journey was made easier with you in the crowd my friend!

Err, even if I could not decide whether you look more like a special branch or honkie actor.

Correct, correct, correct!

alliedmartster said...

err, I heard Korek, Korek, Korek!
He he he
Thanks for keepngme company too!
But could not help from catching the nice view from the bridge!
Erm....I will pass off as 'Honkie SB'
he he....

Mat Salo said...

Bro' Tony, thanks for the comprehensive pix and write up. Got obat sedikit rindu of missing you guys. Ah, one of those times when I wish I was back home bro'. Kudo and bravos to those who marched!

muststopthis said...

MS, yup. i know if you were there you did be busy snapping away. I dont know if you can get a pix something like the Tiannamen square pix of a student placing a flower on the tank, but i guess you will find one though! ROcky did. He caught a miss fru!
c U in Al Eid!