Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A fitting Introduction, a good welcome speech, and an election to look forward to

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He said if there were even 10 people that showed up, he would be encouraged.
Jeff Ooi's imminent entry to politics via the re-energised DAP, is indeed a breath of fresh air.
'Heavy on the eyes, heavier on the shoulder', thats my interpretation of his openning statement 'Beratnya Mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul'. I am no supporter of the DAP, but I was there solely because this man which I have come to know, has pushed his limit a little higher

He spoke at length giving all present his thoughts, clear for all to see, no fancy words, no running around the bush, and clearly he believes he will be able to contribute to the Bangsa Malaysia, Malaysia for all, agenda.

And then there was the welcome speech. 'The law of the jungle....' thats all it took to remind us of a certain upstart and his reference to primates. Of which kind? Well, you may want to ask him if you ever get a chance. Still don't know? Read here. Short and precise, Uncle Lim welcomed Jeff to the fold, and hoped that others will follow suit.

Which brings me to the point, an election to look forward to. 3M Vs YB? and now YAB?
3 letters of the alphabet, and now 4 letters! I am looking forward to some more, because it simply does not add up! Magic in numbers, you say? Need I say more?
We are back to that usual hog wash. Till we get some more thrown our way, we have Jeff to thank for as he prepares his long walk into, hopefully, Parliament.
Walk with him, and you'll never walk alone.


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