Tuesday, August 28, 2007

25th August 2007. Be there.

UPDATE:28th August 2007
Lets see. Its been three days, and you would have probably read about that event. No? Rocky's, 3540's, Galadriel's,Screenshots,People's Parliament,A Little Taffer's,Walski's, Mage'sP, The senseintovert, shanghai fish, O.B.E. and probably the youngest blogger there that day, yeah,sure,whatever . (She was also the first to blog about the event!)
The gauntlet is thrown, so we now look ahead to having a road show around the country. I salute those who came from other parts of the country, Ipoh, Penang, Johor. There is hope for Malaysia. I am convinced.
What struck me most was the attendees. They were all in awe that Malaysians having met for the first time (most of them, anyway) would want to commit to a movement to truely come together as a one true Bangsa Malaysia. Never mind that the powers that be are more concerned about pointung out our differences! Never mind that!
For as long as we believe that our founding fathers meant otherwise, we have a future!
Hidup Bangsa Malaysia!
And this is the result......

UPDATE:12th August 2007
OK. We have firmed it up for good. The Bangsa Malaysia Merdeka Get Together will be on 25th August 2007, Saturday, at 20:30hrs-midnight
Venue shall be the Blog-House, to be opened on that same day. The good thing about this do will be a start of a new page. The coming together of like minded Malaysians for a true Bangsa Malaysia. Its not just a feel good do, as there will be a forum preceeding this.
Yes a forum will be held in the afternoon.
Please look at your calendar, and only if you are committed to this ,then send your invitation to the reflector emails. Please click here for details.
Hope to see you there, its time to turn all our frustrations into consolidated action.
UPDATE: 9th August 2007
Looks like we are gaining good momentum to this event! CALLING FOR ANY MATERIALS FOR VIDEO PRESENTATION /POWER POINT for the evening, please feel free to email: alliedmartster@gmail.com , we hope to get these materials (credits will be mentioned, of course!) so that we can share it with those present for this (eagerly anticipated, unprecedented do!) JUST DO IT!

An initiative by The People's Parliament is gathering momentum, culminating to one big launch.
25th of August 2007, also sees the launching of Blog House! Yup, All-Blogs will launch its humble new home, as well as hopefully, the launch of its membership too! for more info, people's parliament will publish the details soon.

For now, put a cross on August 25th 2007, will ya?


anfield devotee said...

Yo bro, you of all people should know the trick to getting a massive turn out is to prominently display the words "FREE BEER". Then u see la. Use yer contacts with the brewery to sponsor event?

alliedmartster said...

he he...but our cables have all been severed! You know the saying, its lonely at the top? In my case, its even lonelier at the bottom!! LOL...
But thankfully, we have friends and they are also keen on this event, Keep praying, maybe we don't have to drink alone!!

anfield devotee said...

dear Tony, a few of the old Broadwalk kakis have formed an alternative (unofficial LFC club). Would appreciate it if u could give em a shout out & perhaps include them on yer blog roll. TQ.
http://my-rawk.blogspot.com . Wanna join us for Villa game at old Broadwalk tomorrow -1210am? Come la, cheap beer!!!

alliedmartster said...

OK..jokes aside.

Light refreshments and drinks (non alcoholic) will be served by the host.

The get together will kick off at about 20:30hrs, also promising refreshments and drinks.

As ALL-BLOGS will also be having the official launch of blog house and the alliance. So hopefully we will all have a great time!

shar101 said...

Yo Bro,

After Saturday, you're giving 'Jack-of-all-trade' a run for his money.

Now, it's 'Tony, Yew can do it all'.

Kudos to you, bro, for holding the entire night together despite the 'hiccups'.

Like I wrote at OBE, am just glad somebody didn't plonk a guitar into your hands and ask you to sing as well! Far too many volunteers on that section.

And sorry for not getting up to the mike to say a few words coz a) I was devouring the excellent fried chicken, b) enjoying the look on What a Lulu's face when she turned around to say "You're OBE/shar101?" and c) still suffering a phobia from losing out in the first stage at the NPC karaoke contest.