Monday, July 30, 2007

When Push comes to shove. . . .

Sunday morning, with a nice cup of brewed coffee and some toast, glancing through the papers would be the order of the day.
No I did not choke, matter of fact , I had a smile on my face. This was the news that caught my eye.

I guess, when you stand in a corner of room, and from there observing the antics of others, it will not be long that others would notice you too. Perhaps the corner that you are in offers a little more then the center of the room or the rostrum.
In my years of following his blog, it appears to me that this is a guy that does not shy away from the truth. Getting to the bottom of it and ensuring that those that were affected by it gets the real story. My instant thought was that he will not be able to deliver his best if he was to take 'instructions' from the party bosses. But who am I to assume? I am sure that with the agenda that this party is up for, and with the support of seasoned politicians, just maybe, Jeff will give them a good belting.

But whats even more interesting is the 'we are lining up several more personalities to be unveiled soon' thingy.
I know who I am supporting WHEN the General Elections come . . .you?



They thought they could bully the small people who blog. They thought wrong, brother.

Anonymous said...

I'm sad that i'd have to change my tradition of voting, but still , bring on the election.

BigDogDotCom said...

Jumping into the mainstream politics bandwagon always seemed the 'macho' thing to do, especially when one what to heard louder. However, will these "stars" in their own right remain in politics, for the long run. Or will they fizzle out after once or twice unsuccessful attempts at the polls.

What about able to withstand "politics" within the party?

What if their expectations as politicians are not met, for one disappointment or the other? Then what, they leave and go "alternative" again?

Frank said...

The choice for non Malay voters of suitable political parties is very limited or none at all.

Forget about Gerakan... ecause bit does seem towant to exist.

Forget about MCA... because a vote for MCA is a vote for UMNO.. and that is really bad for the chinese especially.

Forget about DAP.. because it has NO interest in winning Govt. The litmus test is whether DAP will come out its parochial box and compromise to work with a credible Malay-based party, to win Govt.

What can Jeff do in Govt. The political machinery will clone Jeff into a DAP workhorse and media-celebrity.

If Jeff is able to convinced the DAP dinosaur leadership to make a conscious effort to win Govt and work with a Malay based party. the his move to DAP is worthwhile.

Otherwise it is another media feel-good and Jeff Ooi will have his 15 minutes fame.

Even if Jeff goes into Parliament... those UMNO thugs will shout him down and ends up with more press statements outside Parliament with more motherhood statements.

The blogging fraternity is the only credible 5th estate to take on the UMNO thugs. The 4th estate, the mainstream media is dead long ago.

alliedmartster said...

Rocky, I read somewhere that if 'you are once a journalist, you will always be a journalist', the quest or the truth and to tell the truth the best way you can.
I have no doubts about Jeff and if there are people out there even in the DAP that thinks that they can make him toe the line, then perhaps they should rethink their strategy.

Anon 1;08, I think your statement aplies to the 30 odd % of voters.

BD; the thing here to note is that there are people out there like Jeff who are still keen to sacrifice their time for the benefit of others.

Frank; It should never have been like this. Period. When the Tunku set out and gained the support of the people, I dare say that this was not his intention. The fact is most of us choose to segregate ourselves from each other by race. That itself is the fault of ou community.

Yes, most likely, we have all been guilty of making racist comments at one point or another, but to fan the fire and push the line? I think we should all take a good look at ourselves and ask if ever a Bangsa Malaysia can exist, and where do we start.

zorro said...

Buddy, can I propose Haris Ibrahim as next political candidate for ........

dave said...

I am sure Jeff has given enough thoughts before venturing into the political arena. I can understand that the opposition is shut out in Parliament every time an issue is raised. This is so because BN has the majority. It is my fervent hope that the majority can be refused in the coming polls. I for one congratulate him and all should support him.

Why not Haris?

F.O.N @ frostee said...

Well, if it all boils down to who shouts the loudest, at least we can give the opposition... whoever they might be to have more say in the Parliament. Unlike right now where only a handful of opposition are there to keep things 'in check'.

With such a big majority, the BN is just playing God in everything without any single thought on how the Rakyat (whom they have forgotten they represent) feels. That's where we get idiots making sweeping statements, racist and sexist remarks.

I have gone down the road that at any point I meet an MP, or his nice looking MP car, I would laugh, because they are a joke.