Monday, June 04, 2007

Enough. I have just had enough of things here in Bolehland

Spending four days of quality time with the family. One can NEVER GET enough of that, but around us, the reality of things here in Malaysia has just taken another bite.
You see, some of us will never be treated fairly. We get terminated from our jobs, whilst the CONSTITUTION guarantees the right to live. Some of us don't see the joy in going to court, to fight for somethings that the CONSTITUTION guarantees. Whilst others fight for our rights, some feel the need to take sides.

We can go on and on, and on. But at the end of the day, those in power decides. So, it still comes down to, in Lina Joy's case, three learned men making their interpretation of the CONSTITUTION. I guess, for Audra and I, on September 5th 2007, it will come down to one person making that interpretation, but for the Industrial Court.

How much can one take? Does it make one any happier that, this is a notch for Pro-Islamist?
Have you seen it from the other side of the fence? My wife's colleague, of chinese parentage, whose family embraced Islam, experienced a passing in their family recently. On arriving at the hospital in Kedah, (she works in KL, and had to rush back to her fathers death bed) she was approached at the counter in the hospital, informing her that there is a claim to her fathers' body (they,being the Religous Department). At that point, she had to inform them that her father, was still alive, and secondly, they were all Muslims and at that point it became clear to them that someone had tipped them off with the wrong facts!

I guess, some will have to live with this. As for my family, we have three relatives that converted to Islam through marriage. I certainly did not see them getting any trouble when getting their ICs done. SO be it, it was their choice. As for Lina? She doesn't seem to have one....her choice.

For one thing, I have found that by maintaining this blog, I have seemed to be able to find all things wrong with our daily life. I have some twenty something photographs of things that are so out of place, yet we don't hear about it in our daily Main stream Media.
The front page report in the Star, 3rd of June, prepares us for whats at stake if we continue to rape and poison our earth. Daily, you can see the repercussions of social injustices, as well as the battle between man and their beliefs. I pray that we will NEVER get to that stage, but all this has just gotten to me.

I shall just pray and pray some more that justice does prevail, in Audra's and all other cases.
That you will NEVER suffer the fate of those on the receiving end, and that you WILL ALWAYS be able to see both sides of the story.

For now, I will stand down, and continue to search, what seems to be my next route, an exit from this land to the next where, hopefully my children will be able to live life with real freedom, and opportunity that life is suppose to be.

Thanks for visiting this blog.
Please come back on September 6th 2007, if you would like to know if there is justice for those discriminated against.

I guess, you can see it that they have won.


zorro said...

Tony, both of you have a young family. Dont allow all these negatives in this country sour you. Look at your three beautiful kids and enjoy them. They are your world. Dont allow the "bad" world to invade into your family. Where is my piece of the birthday cake? Say hi to Audra and your FIL.

oversee said...



The Ancient Mariner said...

You are not going to do a CGOPD are you. At times like these, its good to take stock and you will see that there are others in worse fate. So lets not throw in the towel so soon. For you and yours perhaps its just the beginning ... so hang in there.

Anonymous said...


I have been to a few countries to work. Singapore, India and now in Istanbul. Somehow, I still feel Malaysia is my home. I had an offer to work in Spore way back in year 1999. I rejected the offer.

The fact is, we are not perfect. Since we are not perfect. Nobody can create a perfect world or a perfect country. It is good that you point out all these faults. To me, it is feedback and feedback is good and it makes people aware of it.

Cheer up my friend.