Monday, June 18, 2007

14 days later. .

I tried....yes I did. I tried my very best to just stay silent.
14 days, and I just can't help but notice the world is paying attention.
With all his experience, in Human Resources, and exposure in an Oil company, he has done it.
Reduced the losses by RM1 Billion! Big deal! Yes sirree!
Getting a seat on the board of Governors of the International Airline Transport Association, is big.
Being asked , how, is indeed an honour. The world wants to know, how an airline can be turned around.

Now I'm wondering, if the world really knows how an airline values their 14 years experienced Cabin Crew?
I did read that MAS intends to create, a new 100 Level 2 & 3 Managers with potential to lead the airline onto the next level.
I am not sure about this, which part of terminating an employee with an immaculate record says that? (Oops....I am really testing the system, because, I've been told that I cannot say anything about her case! Screw it, I am prepared to go to jail, just to tell the world the injustice that Audra and I had to endure!)

Tune in next to view the contents of the letter I am about to send to IATA.


F.O.N @ frostee said...

All the hype about someone being in the Board of Directors (BOD) of IATA is actually nothing much. The local media is just harping too much about it.

It is known that the IATA BOD is consisted of airline leaders in a very fair manner. So if one thinks that it was about nominations and elections in the IATA AGM, not really.

Just the that BOD must be equally consisted of airlines in this world, i.e. N.America, Europe, MidEast, Asia, etc. It's just that it's about time now that it was MH's turn to be in the BOD.

Would be interesting to see what you would be writing to IATA. =)

True enough, what you and your wife is going through is not fair.

bergen said...

Good thing I found your blog to understand a thing or two about airline industry.

alliedmartster said...


The formalities...Yup.
But I am quote sick of the publicity, knowing what they stand for.

Thanks for dropping in. I actually thought of giving up blogging.
I started blogging because of the actions MAS took on my wife for her getting pregnant the third time.
Anyways, I thought I would just stay on the side. But all this feel good publicity about MAS is making me real sick! They pushed us to a corner, and I sure ain't staying there!
BTW, if you need to know more about the airlines, Frostee will fillyou in on it, he's still in the industry.

F.O.N @ frostee said...

I see your point. GO for it dude. Oh.. I have yet to read your latest post which was your letter to IATA BOD. Will read it now!