Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bernie Says . .

So F1 has come and gone...that was in early April 2007.
Bernie Ecclestone, the Formula 1 supremo, the Man who holds the title, had a lot to say about the condition of the Sepang F1 circuit. I knew that Sepang was almost 10 years old, but keeping clean a problem? What goes on in the heads of these Management people? I just wonder.

Over the past weekend, a group of my friends was involved in the Asian Festival of Speed. Fortunately for our neighbours, Singapore, that is, the Sepang F1 track was brought to life.
Yes, I saw countless Singapore registered cars which were involved on the track.
But its purely assumption on my part.

So in between the side show, I took these pictures. Please click on the photo to enlarge.

Was Bernie right, or was he just trying to 'stir' things up and probably push for another venue further South?
We have a great circuit, coupled by die hard fans...its just the Management of the Circuit that stinks. (oh..on this topic, next time you are in Sepang F1 circuit, be sure to drive to the nearest 5 star hotel in order to use the facilitites...you wouldn't want to step in to the Ladies or Gents even if you really, really, ....really had to go!)

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