Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hitler to be accorded state funeral

That would be shocking indeed.

Hypothetically, if Adolf Hitler lived to a ripe old age and died in exile after a peace treaty with the Allied Forces and 'ultimately' forgiven by certain Political leaders, and the ruling government under Angela Merkel succumbed to public pressure to honour Adolf for 'fighting for Germany' - then Germany would have done a great injustice to those persecuted in the war.

Hypothetically, that would be a good example of what events today are perceived in relation to the death of exiled Malayan Communist Party (CPM) leader Chin Peng.

There are already discussions going on if Chin Peng was still a citizen of Malaysia. For those ignorant of this issue, they should really try to find out logically (as opposed to historical evidence, as many has claimed that Malaysia's history has been altered to suit certain parties) if indeed he was a citizen.

Evidence and events will show that Chin Peng was a believer in how Communism is the way forward and his belief was so strong that he continued an armed struggle against the British and then Armed forces of Malaysia.

And when given the chance to a peace accord in Baling, he had declined the offer by the then would be Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman, by insisting that the CPM be accorded a full political party status in order for t hem to pursue their political ambitions. At the same time, David Marshall representing the British Government and Tunku made it clear that the peace accord was held to find a solution to end the bloody struggle of the CPM and to set the tone of how Malaya would achieve it's independence.

In 'Tunku Abdul Rahman and his role in the Baling Amnesty Talks' the turn of events during the talks pointed clearly to Chin Peng's insistence on 'man's dignity' rather than the fight for an independent Malaya.

The fact when asked by David Marshall what cause ChinPeng was fighting for and his then reply clearly showed a side of Chin Peng which could be interpreted either way is to me intriguing.

Intriguing because to those who have formed opinions, this is a face of Chin Peng that many light have missed. After all, his insistence on why Tunku had to have David Mashall representing the British, and party to the talks meant that Tunku was merely a 'puppet' of the British.

Could it be that Chin Peng was actually a Chinese supremacist that many have missed?

Tan Sri Yuen Yuet Ling had said that he was willing to forgive Chin Peng, but even with this, the will to forget is not something that can be done by a simple statement. Multiply that with the thousands that were killed by the CPM and one might then know the real implications of such actions that those clamouring for a call to have Chin Peng's remains be brought back to Malaysia for a proper burial.

I may not have been around during the Emergency, but having seen pictures of dead communist and how an uncle and his family was killed by the CPM for not supplying them food, is enough to tell me that those were indeed bloody times.

Whatever the reasons maybe, we should let a sleeping dog lie, for if we continue to ignore history for the sake of gaining popularity, then this forsaken wish will only plant 'deformed' seeds of thoughts into our young, that will simmer and grow into voices and thoughts of anti-establishment hate that possibly started the Communist struggle pre-independence.

My thoughts go out to a family who lost their father who lived to a ripe old age, and too, do my thoughts go out to the thousands who saw theirs brought to a pre-mature end by the Communist Terrorists.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Not all 'Vic's' lead to riches, Not all Chinese is for DAP

The recent spat between a couple, one who claims to have superior Gweilo 'genes' and his girlfriend whom he claims to have wanted an offspring that carried 'alpha gweilo' genomes have gotten most people discussing it.

I suppose that's where the difference lie between Abramovic and Ahbabovic. The former is of course the multi-billionaire Ogliarch of Chelsea fame, whereas the latter made headlines in Malaysia recently for suing his former girlfriend for 'abusing his sperm' by purportedly singling him out and producing an offspring of 'superior genome', at least that is what is claimed by him. She paints a different picture altogether, and as all things, time will tell who has been using who.

The similarity can also be applied to the Chinese community, for they have been courted over and over again by the 'Ini Kalilah' cries of the Hornbilled mascot, Chinese dominated 'multi-racial' party called Democratic Action Party.

Although, there was nothing democratic about appointing a losing candidate to its Central Executive Committee, and only until recently efforts to correct it, the DAP is often seen by the majority of the Chinese community as their knight in shining armour.

This can only be attributed to the community's narrow view that opposition to the government is the one and only way to provide a semblance of balance.

In previous general elections, there was always a push and pull within the community to both provide their votes to MCA, an integral part of Barican Nasional and DAP, which the community sees as a balancing factor in keeping the government in control.

Yet, despite all the headway made in the economic sector, the Chinese community sees the opportunity to change political masters as the best possible chance in Malaysia in the recent election.

Can the community be faulted for doing so?

Right now, most in the business community are looking over their shoulders wandering if they made the right choice. It seems, there are even some who claims that their 'contracts' have been terminated, a sort of witch hunt, as retaliation for the recent losses suffered by candidates who were running on the Barisan Nasional ticket. A case of fright of one's own shadow, perhaps.

One such person famously uttered that he now know that the non-bumis (refererring to the Chinese maybe?) in his area had collusively voted against him despite receiving all the aid they could get when he was the Chief Minister. Its easy to point to the voters, but did he look at his efforts and see that he could have made an error in his management whilst in office?

I often get asked what is it that the Chinese community want. The answer is no different, really. They want good education for their children, good business environment to flourish their business, and importantly they want justice when required. But the fault of the Chinese community is also to court with means that are 'out of the ordinary'. The intensive lobbying, the 'Ali Baba'ship is one may call it that way.

Right now, all these actions are now coming back to haunt the community.

In placing 85% of their eggs in DAP's basket, the majority of them have basically fingered the government and shown that their right to vote is not one that will go to Barisan despite the stability and development that it promised. In short, the superior experience of administering progress does not guarantee that a Government gets to stay in power. If anything, the Chinese community has decided that the DAP will be the second most supported political party in what is generally a Two party system in Malaysian politics.

But how does this translate to a better Malaysia? More so, if the Chinese community is bent on keeping all things close to them - Chinese?

Take for example, Education. If its the language that the Chinese educators are fond of protecting, why the different Chinese stream? Could it be that the Chinese streaming itself is a form of business monopoly? Who prints the books? Who distributes them? More importantly with the monopoly comes power, and hence that is why Dong Zong is opposing any new education blueprint even before the launch.

That is not all is it? The various chambers of commerce and associations that are faction-ally aligned are also positioning themselves as the who's who for these political parties to turn to now that there is an evolution of the political landscape. A changing of the guard, if you may.

Yet, there are those who are quite happy to play 'gatekeeper', marshaling the Chinese by 'guiding' their support and right now, all bets are on the second most supported party to keep this support.

Question is, with this support, what is DAP going to do with it? Does it continue to play the instigator, or is it time they realise and act responsibly to keep the Chinese community in line to move Malaysia ahead.

In all likelihood DAP will continue to keep the community divided to ensure that its support is not marginalised to a point that it will see its fan base deteriorate.

Chances are DAP will play what Abbabovic is fond of, keeping the limelight and playing the victim, over and over again.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Remember this....back in 1957

Its that time of year again when hairs on our back stand while singing the 'Negaraku'.

If you don't have that feeling, spend some time and find out why it matters...

Thursday, August 01, 2013

CEC Issue - DAP can do better than this

The DAP's CEC election fiasco has finally come to boil with the Registra of Societies issuing an order to DAP for the re-election of its Central Executive Committee.

DAP's reaction is to question ROS's directive as according to YB Gobind Singh Deo, ROS does not have the right to issue the fresh directive but merely to ask for clarification of the party's election. According to Gobind, the new directive is an 'act outside the powers of law'.

DAP being the second biggest political party in Malaysia is now putting itself under the microscope as it is now seen that it is unwilling to rectify a mistake which it readily admit when altering the results of the last CEC election which saw its current Bukit Bendera MP, YB Zairil Khir Johari leapfrogging 20 odd candidates to secure a seat in DAP's all powerful CEC.

ROS itself is only a registra for societies and it only acts when societies are not following the constitution set out by the societies themselves in running their organisation. This normally happens when agrrieved members lodge an official complaint to ROS.

It can be safely surmised that the ROS action itself stemmed from the fact that there are DAP members themselves that have emerged unhappy over how its own CEC was elected.

DAP being the second most supported party must act to rectify its own faults as it now has the responsibility to perform for their supporters who are non members of the party but the many who voted for them.

So is DAP going to still play the sympathy card or will they right their own wrong by revamping itself to project the right image of a party worthy of the support of the electorate?

Your guess is as good as mine. What I can see is that  so long as the party is still entrenched in the 'Dynasty' like mindset it is in, progress would be hard to come by.

Speaking to a DAP ADUN recently elected, I stressed that the only way DAP can garner more support is to start behaving responsibly and stop these charades if it wants to better UMNO.

What it is in fact doing now is still react as an opposition party like it has always done.

UBAH itself? Not likely....yet.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Where are the politicians when we need them?

Time and again whenever certain issue arises we will have many comments from politicians wishing for that extra attention.

But this time around, many have stayed silent.

It is also not uncommon whenever we try to assert our views only to have them shot down when the reply comes that we must not comment as we are non-muslims.

I am referring of course to the 'beauty contest four'.

This may sound a little chauvinistic but my opinion is that if we are to participate in these beauty pageants then why are we restricting ourselves to only a certain group of women? Beauty pageants have been around for a long long time. And though its primary objective is to find the seemingly perfect beauty, these pageants have come a long way where the winners have gone on to inspire children and touch the lives of many underprivileged groups with the many charity work that they are doing.

I for one would like to see a member of Parliament raise this issue. Although I am not a muslim, I strongly believe that these kind of edicts will drive our country to a different direction, and as mooted by Zaid Ibrahim (in his piece in Malaysian Insider today) it won't be long before it reaches into other parts of our daily lives.

I am not sure about you, but It felt odd for me back in the early 90s when I had to dine in separate rooms with my colleagues whenever we visited the middle east. I do not want these kinds of segregation introduced here.

Rightly said by Zaid, certain edicts are making certain parts of society uneasy and according to him both his friends and him will look into the legality aspect of these recent edicts and when allowed will be challenged in court.

I certainly do not see these kind of response from the politicians from both divide. Perhaps its political suicide to bring p such a 'sensitive' issue especially to muslims in this month of Ramadhan.

Remember the famous quote by Martin Niemoller?
First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Socialist. 
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me.

Who is speaking out for the four? The apology recently was certainly one that was post event, to prevent further damage should the religious authorities pursue the matter.

Our Parliamentarian champions are chasing support all the time, yet when the issues that really matter arisses most will shy away for fear that 'their own' will turn against them.

Grow up Malaysia. See for yourselves that if you really want to 'ubah', ubah your thinking first. Zaid Ibrahim is certainly trying to win back the support he so carelessly thrown away, but I am all for support of his actions this time.

What is your view on this?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What are WE teaching our children?

Another day in Malaysia - another issue.

It's really a non-issue, because if the headmaster of SK Sri Pristina En.Mohamad Nasir Mohd Noor had actually asked himself if he will be ok having his children spend recess time in a changing room eating and drinking rather than a canteen, then this would not have been.

There are many cases where school principals had taken matters into their own hands and when it came to light - Ministry officials in district levels and national levels scurry to get answers. (there was the previous case of a headmaster who segregated his charges by sex and ensured that there was no contact between the two sexes in this co-ed school - SMK Seremban Jaya  until the Education Ministry stepped in to restore normality, and then there was the headmistress who cooked up a storm when she addressed her school children as penumpang)

Would you have made an issue if your child was asked to spend his or her recess time eating in a changing room?

Right now, you can see pro-government bloggers and social commentators defending the school authorities by asserting the fact that it was a changing room and not the toilet as stressed by pro-opposition bloggers.

Whether it is a changing room or not, it should not be politicised but instead be seen as a simple case of indiscretion by the headmaster.

The truth however only lies with him and his teachers. For they are the only ones who can tell if their decision was made from a religion point of view or not. It was reported by the Selangor State Education Director that from initial investigations, the decision was made because the school canteen was being renovated.

My kids did not have to go through recess in their changing room despite the school canteen being renovated when they were back in SK Subang Jaya. This despite the fact that their canteen was very much smaller than that of SK Sri Pristina (They had 7 classes in recess at the same time - 7 x 40 chidren). In fact, schools often do renovations during school holidays so as not to disrupt proceedings during semester.

That aside, there is a more disturbing trend that has been emerging since my time in school. I recall when I was back in school, taking a drink would not have been an issue during Ramadhan despite all my muslim classmates who observed their religious duty. However, these days I am told by my kids that they are not allowed to drink in the class but instead head out the classroom.

I am quite certain, observing the many muslims who fast during this holy month, still go to work as required despite them serving food and drinks to non-muslim customers. I salute them for their resolve and this is evidence that religion obligations do not stop one from performing their duties to their best ability.

In fact, as a fan of Malay food, I have no problems buying food from the Ramadhan Bazaar as well as the many Malay food stalls that I frequent during the later hours of the day before breaking of fast.

So what do we learn from this?

This headmaster and the many who place their own religion duties ahead of others should be commended for their religious belief BUT this must not cloud them into imparting their belief onto others who do not share their same faith.

If we allow ourselves to be overzealous in our own religious duties, where then does it stop?

The Catholics observe a 40 day fasting period before Easter, and we dutifully observe this without fuss and concern about what others do, as it is a duty that we so do for our faith and is very much between one and his maker.

I am not saying that I am holier than thou, and I expect no one to tell me the same. What I do want is for all our children to remember that Malaysia consists of many different religions, and observing and respecting each other in giving each one their required respect and space is something that we MUST ALL do in order for us to proceed forward.

If you ask me about this SK Sri Pristina thingy, I am sure the headmaster now understands that food and hygiene goes together.

Lets not allow incidences like this sway us from our belief that Malaysia is Truly Asia and that we all thrive in diversity.

I wish all my fellow Muslim friends a Selamat Bersahor and Buka Puasa throughout this holy month you observe. Salaam.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Getting Women Back to Work - Do you really mean it, Sir?

I have been wrestling with my inner thoughts lately, and I guess when you do every time you read something that points you to a different direction, there is that little spark within yourself that will spur you to sit and write.

This morning a series of tweets caught my eye, and though I honestly think that Idris Jala is doing some real good stuff at Pemandu, his piece in really kicked me in my face!

My blog started way back in 2007 when I found out about Rocky (whom I had met playing many games of snooker when he was still in Malay Mail in the early 90s) and how he was facing a civil suit from his former employers (New Straits Times) and we met up a few times after that which inadvertently led to the establishment of All-Blogs.

Understanding how he felt, and undergoing an Industrial action case back then - when my wife was sacked from MAS for having our third child - I felt that some of us had to fight an uphill battle with these corporate giants.

Back then, everyone I knew chipped in and did whatever they could to highlight our plight. Rocky helped heaps with his piece here and here. Bernard Khoo, whom I shared many beers and chats with helped with this piece, and this, and this too.

Credit to Malaysia Airlines, they now allow the third child and to my understanding, they have made further steps to raise the terms and conditions of the company to acceptable terms acceptable in accordance to the United Nations CEDAW (Convention of Elimination of Discrimination Against Women)

YET, when Idris was in MAS, he DID NO SUCH THING (as opposed to what he is saying today in his blog) and offered no solution to Audra's plight. The fact that the Collective Agreement that was signed (post event of Audra's termination) between MAS Management and Union allowed for such cases and EXCLUDED Audra and a few others was testament to how Idris had felt back then when he was at the helm.

So, I can conclude that Idris had transformed himself along with the ETP and have now seen the light of how Women form an integral part of the workforce is something that we should all know, is it?

So Datuk Idris Jala, is my conclusion correct? That you have only JUST FOUND out that women have been sidelined?
Are you gonna help us with her case then?